Warders Of Men

Warders Of Men

To protect and serve … our mutual interests.



Glass Walkers




To provide the bridge between Human and Garou


The Warders of Man claim their tribal origins from when humans first discovered the understanding to form and shape their world. Curious about the human creative consciousness and not content to simply watch from afar, these Garou first infiltrated human civilization as it changed and evolved at a quickening, frenetic pace. The Warders were the shepherds to the human flock. Their tribal name adapted depending on the eras of human technologies: the Warders of Men watched the beginnings of civilization and were a symbol of great empires like Rome, the Iron Riders were present amongst the colonies and clashed with native Garou tribes during the railroad wars, and the Glass Walkers came full strength in the skyscraper-filled cities and were indomitable in the realms of human interaction and utilization of modern technology.

Where the Bone Gnawers spread through the city's lower class, the Glass Walkers found their niche in the societies above. Where other Garou saw a web-frozen scar that blighted the landscape, they saw a pattern alive with activity and life. They were the keepers of the cities, those who walked among glass, battling vampires, the Wyrm, and other forces that few other Garou were present to oppose in the concrete jungle. Despite their great success in mingling with humankind, or perhaps a result of it, the Glass Walkers largely lost touch with their wolven and spiritual heritage, and faced the threat of their own extinction by a lack of new Garou born to their bloodlines. Fewer and fewer cubs bred true Glass Walker, and by the End Times, only the Bone Gnawers could claim greater diversity within their tribe.

The humble Cockroach chose to favor the Glass Walkers for their adaptability. Though the Glass Walkers were frequently mocked for their totem spirit's inherent repugnant appearance, the tribe found the relationship with the Totem of Wisdom quite fitting. No other spirit boasted such creativity to adapt and survive in the ever-changing world. Cockroach, unlike other spirits, could be found in practically all environments by understanding one's surroundings and never assuming to be greater than its influence, but knowing that mere existence within it was the greatest influence on one's reality. Her ever present nature was a great example to the Glass Walkers who sought to emulate that same pervasive persistence in existing against all odds.

In the Apocalypse

The Glass Walkers faced their greatest challenges during the End Times. From all the times they had seen the human empires rise and fall, nothing was as globally destructive as the events that heralded the Apocalypse age. In truth, the Glass Walkers were the worst hit by the revelations from Rend's Epiphany - the name and phrase dubbed by the Glass Walkers for the tearing away of the Veil that sparked the Supernatural War. Humans had proved their terrible aptitude for dealing death towards the things they feared, and the reminders of the Impergium drew up a seemingly unstoppable thirst for revenge. The trust that seemed to have been built up between the Walkers and their human allies disappeared in a moment's thought. The Glass Walkers' great reliance on cities and modern technology took its toll as they faced a war unlike any other they had fought before, fighting a hydra of human and supernatural enemies on all fronts.

Regrouping on the outskirts of the battlefields at the city edges, the Glass Walkers drew on as much of their resources as they could muster. What few friends and allies they retained among their human friends gathered together to form the resistance that would take the turn the humans and the Walkers away from a path of total annihilation. They formed the beginnings of the Vindication War: the Supernatural War was fought between humans and the supernatural beings in a bloody hate and fear-filled explosion of violence, whereas the Vindication War saw humans and supernatural beings fighting together side by side to take down the Agents of the Apocalypse and their common enemies. Victory meant survival, and it was a must-win.


The Apocalypse came and went, and the world went on. Evil still abounded, but a post Apocalyptic world still had humans, and now those humans knew the secrets of the supernatural. The Glass Walkers held meetings of their remaining elders in the ashes of a boardroom to decide the next steps of the tribe. The cities of mankind were gone, and humans ran amok like Lord of the Flies had alluded to human nature. The elders decided the tribe would return to their original task as caretakers of the human herd. In a nod to tradition they reversed the tribal name change back to what it started as: The Warders of Man.

Totem Quest

In the final battle against the Wyrm, Cockroach was instrumental in aiding not just the Glass Walkers but all the allied forces in gathering the intelligence and resources needed to fight. Cockroach crawled into the foulest spaces and minds, exerting power that even the Walkers had not known about in being able to multiply into a great force of action and influence. Waves of the Incarna's spirit brood spilled over in innumerable amounts to overwhelm the enemy and allow the allied forces to strike in the moments of confusion and chaos. At the end, the Walker elders did finally send out a final memo that yes, Roach was nowhere to be found and presumed killed in action. The tribe had a last, glorious hurrah sent into the Umbral reflection of the Internet. It was 140 characters long.

In the reversion of the tribe's name and purpose came Dog, symbol of aide and protection, of mutual cooperation and unconditional loyalty. The Warder elders all agreed upon acceptance of the Totem of Honor as befitting their tribe. They pledged themselves readily to their canid-cousin representative and vowed to continue the task they had begun so long ago, to keep watch over the humans and help the world rebuild anew.

Tribal Purpose

The Warders are as their name suggests, guardians of Mankind. They are much more than just spectators in this post-Apocalyptic world. The Warders are by far the most active force in re-establishing civilization amidst the savage world. Like missionaries in a desolate country, they are the foremost forgers of new paths, communities, and establishments. Their purpose now is to bring humanity under their fold once more, aiding them with knowledge, skill, and at times just plain muscle in warding off evil spirits, corrupted monsters and other terrible atrocities that arise from the devastated earth.

Character Concepts

Warders are the most humanized of the Garou, and so they often take up the task of teaching humanity to the world’s creatures; in a world where everything is pretty much fend for yourselves and take what you can, they reach out and help guide the people into a more civilized tone of living. They encourage communities to form, to work as a team, and rebuild.

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