Blood Talons

Blood Talons

Let our fangs and talons reclaim our wild blood.



Red Talons




To chase down the taint of the Wyld


The Garou sang old tales of the time when humans cowered their campfires and feared the fangs in the night. Most howled of the Impergium as something to be regretted — but not the Red Talons. These fierce werewolves claimed that the only mistake made in the Impergium was choosing to end it — that Gaia would never have become this imperiled without the pestilence that is humanity running out of control. The Red Talons refuted their human side almost entirely: the tribe was entirely wolf-born. Their anger and sorrow and hatred were born from watching their wolf kin diminish and humans spread — painful emotions that define the tribe.

The Talons' almost entirely lupus perspective was in some ways beneficial for the Garou Nation. In every other tribe, the wolf-born were a fading minority. Every Red Talon knew what it was like to to transition from the immediacy of an animal's mind to the complicated half-spirit intelligence of the Garou. The Talons were a reminder that the Garou were once intended to be equal parts human and wolf before the balance was lost long ago.

But the Red Talons were themselves ailing. They were a small tribe, refusing as they did to take human mates or adopt human cubs. Their hatred for humanity weighed them down immensely, causing rifts with the other tribes who rightly feared for their human kin.

In the Apocalypse

In the End Times, it seemed to the Red Talons that they had been right: humanity truly was the plague that brought Gaia to Her knees. As war councils raged, the Talon elders urged the Garou Nation to step up and cull the humans back to their rightful numbers. The other tribes disagreed vehemently. But as the Veil was torn asunder and humanity surged in hatred and fear on the Garou, the Talons only looked on in disgust and withdrew into the wilds, leaving both sides to their ignominious fates.

But then the Heartwyrm surged up and broke the world, and the Talons could not stand idly by. This was no longer simply Garou pride: this was the fate of the world. They flew into battle on the wings of their totem Griffin, fighting with single-minded ferocity. No Garou fought harder or more ferociously than the Talons. In truth, the Talons knew exactly what the final battles were. The battle of survival. They fought this battle every day of their lives, because no one day was any different in its chances of meeting sudden unequivocal death or misfortune.

In the final battle, Griffin struck a fearsome blow to the Corrupter Wyrm. With piercing shrieks, Griffin muffled the sounds of battle and provided cover. With an unholy thirst for bloody vengeance, the Incarna struck the Corrupter's vision into blindness before its body was shattered. Its keening deathscreech stunned the Wyrm long enough for the army to surge in, getting an unprecedented opportunity.

But as Griffin gave its final deathscreams, the Talons knew their judgment time had come. Either Gaia would see them fit to continue to survive as they had done, or they would be extinguished like water to a flame.


As the battle ended and the victors emerged bloody but alive, the Talons found themselves without totem or purpose. Humanity had been culled away to basically nothing. The Wyrm had been conquered and rebalanced. Talon elders convened and fought and discussed and convened again. In the end, it was decided that they would seek the blessing of Father Wolf, and run under the skies as the tribe that most exemplified the qualities of their lupine spirits.

After a long and harrowing quest, the bloodied Talons lay at the paws of Father Wolf, bowing in reverence and bearing a grand chiminage. But Father Wolf looked down upon them in confusion. He was but a guide, he said. He could sponsor no tribe above another. All Garou are children of Wolf, he said. He favored none.

They had thought they'd found their purpose, but Father Wolf's rejection sent them into a spiral. Many of the Talons were enraged beyond reason, the last vestiges of their Rage sweeping through them at a boil. They ran into the mists, fury incarnate, only to find themselves swept into the Labyrinth where the Wyld had set the bait. The remaining Talons retreated, aching and tired.

Totem Quest

But that was not the end of it. In time, a small pack of their lost brethren returned, tainted beyond recognition by the Wyld. They were beings of endless growth and chaos, emblematic of the new foes to come in the aftermath. The Talons reeled at the loss, howling their grief and fury, as they set upon their lost brothers and worked to tear them from the grip of the Wyld. There, panting in blood and still shaking with anger, the Talons felt, for the first time in too long, that they had a purpose.

Hawk spiraled down from above and called to them, rallying them to fight the Wyld and all its creatures. Seize your blood by your talons, it said. Bring them back into the fold and I will give you my blessing. And so, the Blood Talons were formed.

Tribal Purpose

There is a fierce and deep bond among the Blood Talons as they are bound by honor and responsibility. For the most part, Talons roam the world in packs, hunting down and destroying pockets of Wyld. Though they still maintain concern over keeping humanity's numbers low and the wolf population high, the wound the Wyld struck is fresher and more imminent: after all, the apocalypse put humanity back to a safer number. They consider the safe conversion of the Mazelings their sacred hunt and duty and will absolutely snarl at any non-Talon who tries to lead the charge.

Character Concepts

Talons on Lazuli are tight-knit and tend to keep to themselves, mostly living off the wilds in Lapis or in Jasper Forest and Maw-Sit-Sit. When the Wyld calls in the distance, though, they're sure to be chasing, putting down their mortal enemies. And yeah, sure, okay, they'll probably help the other Garou with their things too, but they'll be grumpy about it! Still, any activity that is in service to the return of balance to the Wyld is an activity worth doing.

It should be noted, however, that though they fight against the Wyld, they are huge proponents of the Wild. In an effort to stave off humanity's population growth, Lazulan Talons often spread "wild bombs" with the help of their Gifts and spirits. Buildings will suddenly cover themselves in vines and leaves; sidewalks become grass; lamp posts sprout saplings and flowers. It is with the help of the Talons that parts of Lazuli have become truly interwoven with flourishing greenery.

Wiz Notes on Blood Talons

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