House Rules

Books Used:
Chronicles of Darkness
Werewolf the Forsaken: 2nd Edition
Werewolf the Apocalypse: 20th Anniversary Edition
Werewolf Translation Guide
Hurt Locker


  • Implemented oWoD fluff and theming
  • Removed CofD Tribes - there's no use Hunting in oWoD
  • Implemented oWoD Tribes, giving them primary Renown to fit into the system
  • Got rid of Pure Ones / Forsaken dichotomy
  • Changed Frenzy to Soft Frenzy and Hard Frenzy, implementing the stages of Kuruth
  • Changed First Change age from "puberty" to "anywhere from puberty to 60"
  • Packs can now include Kinfolk and clued humans
  • Humans don't become Wolf-Blooded if they suffer a Dramatic Failure on a Lunacy breaking point roll. However, humans can become Wolf-Blooded on a bite from a Garou. Mechanics TBD.
  • Garou can now select two Gifts from the same Shadow Gifts category in chargen.
  • Harmony now refers to a Garou's pull between Weaver and Wyld, rather than flesh and spirit.
  • Harmony has been redesigned to be based off a Garou's personality and lifestyle, rather than specifically individual actions.
  • High or low Harmony now has a direct effect on interactions with Weaver and Wyld spirits.
  • The Weaver/Wyld Taint Condition has been added.
  • Garou no longer take a Manipulation penalty in non-Homid forms.
  • The Dream category of gifts has been added.
  • The Compelled Condition has been added.
  • Auspice Skills have become 2-point merits available only to those auspices.
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