Take a Beat when your character meets one of these criteria.

  • Your character fulfills an Aspiration. Replace the Aspiration via +req.
  • You resolve or act on a Condition, per the description of the Condition.
  • Persistent Conditions provide Beats for actions other than resolution.
  • Once per scene, when you fail a roll, you may opt to make it a Dramatic Failure and take a Beat.
  • Your character takes lethal damage in one of her rightmost health boxes.
  • You post a rite or story in the forum.
  • You participate equally in a scene that gets posted to the Logs page.

Five Beats make up 1 Experience point.

You can give yourself a beat with "+beat <reason>"

Experience Costs

Trait Experience
Cost per dot
Attribute 4
Skill 2
Merit 1
Wolf Gift 1
Affinity Shadow Gift 3
Non-Affinity Shadow Gift 5
Additional Gifts1 2
Renown2 3
Rites 1
Primal Urge 5

1 If a Garou already has one Gift in a particular category (e.g. Gifts of Rage), that category counts as "unlocked" and all further gifts in that category only cost 2 XP.
2 When a Garou gains a new rank of Renown, he may then pick a Gift for free from a category he's already unlocked. All Wolf Gifts always count as unlocked for all Garou.

Wait Times

The first dot in something new is learned instantly with staff approval.
For each dot after that, it's an additional week of waiting.

So, for example, picking up Subterfuge 1 will happen instantly.
Subterfuge 2, however, will take a week to learn. 3 will take 2 weeks, and so on. To go from 0 to 5 dots in any skill will take 10 weeks.

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