Lapis Lazuli

Eternal Morning takes place in the island region of Lazuli in the year 2748. Lazuli is an island continent, flanked by its partner island Lapis. For the most part, its wilds are lush and green; the exception is the span of desert in the Southern section of the continent. Technology is at near-future levels, but with a green twist. With tech ranging from personal mech suits for the police to smartphones and a rebuilt internet, all of it runs off of solar- or wind-power. While the cities themselves have varying philosophies on technology and its place in the world, all of them embrace nature. Agriculture is incredibly common, most or all folks growing their own food and trading or selling. Any roof not covered in solar cells is covered in a garden instead: no real estate is wasted when more functional greenery can occupy it!


The Umbra no longer exists (aside from pockets here and there), nor does the Veil. Humans, Spirits, and Garou live … well, semi-peaceably together. Their attempts to get along are yet another axis of the conflicts that the denizens of Lazuli have to deal with.

All of Lazuli is split into 9 cities, each with their own view of what it means to live alongside technology and nature. In addition, the neighboring island of Lapis is where the Caern is located, as well as the Garou safehaven. No one may step foot on it without express permission from the Sept, given by the Alpha, the Beta, or the Warder. The Caern itself has all sorts of spirit wizardry to keep any unintended types from wandering too close. Blink and it's gone!

But how did we get to now?

The Apocalypse

In the early 2000's, it finally happened: the world was torn asunder and left in pieces under the bellowing fight of spiritual giants. An unfathomable horror gripped the United States and then the rest of the world as the earth plunged into its darkest days. War, Famine, Pestilence, Death were not borne on literal horsemen’s backs but on the utter meltdown of civilization. In their greatest desperation, the supernatural beings whose hidden worlds were ripped from their secrecy and thrust into blinding light joined together to save what was still their home as much as mankind’s.

Disasters plagued civilization for a full hundred years of bloody, entrenched battle. The Garou leaned heavily on the help of the Wyld and the Weaver, as well as the fierce Incarna spirits of their tribal totems. Though they sustained heavy losses, the corruption of the Wyrm was ripped from its hold and in its place was the Balancer. The Garou, triumphant, fell back to lick their wounds, only to find that the Veil had been torn asunder and the Umbra largely dissolved into the Material realm. Spirits, humans, animals, and Garou had to learn to coexist.

Much of the world was obliterated: land masses moved or were destroyed, oceans rose, deserts dried the soil. The entire ecosystem shifted. Much of the Western United States was shattered into islands, and it is on two of these islands — formerly of Northern California — that our game takes place.

The Conflict

Now, hundreds of years later, the world has been rebuilt around the alliance of Garou and Man. Technology has rapidly advanced thanks to a combination of old knowledge, sustainable techniques, and spiritual know-how: most of the tech available in our modern times (and more!) is available in Lazuli in a cleaner, greener form. Still, there are always those with their own vision for the future. Some think that relying on green technology is slowing progress and think we should go back to the old methods. Others think we haven't gone far enough into sustainability, and that we should be working with Mother Earth more closely. Pockets of people have sprung up around the Island of Lazuli along the entire spectrum between these two forces, forming into the various cities ranging from Maw-Sit-Sit, a city where spirits and humans peacefully coexist for natural advancement, and Palladium, where the advancement of technology reigns supreme.

Unfortunately, with the dawn of the new era, a newer twist on an old conflict has arisen. Though the Wyrm has been brought back into balance and soothed from its insane rage, the Wyld and the Weaver have fallen out of balance and now fight for supremacy. Too many foolish Gaians relied on their tools in the fight against the Wyrm and now they lash out, absorbing and controlling and creating.

Garou fallen under the Weaver's control find their minds sent crawling through the Deep Web, as the Weaver attaches strand after strand to their unconscious mind. They become a part of the Weaver's great botnet, a moving machine. Though they can perfectly simulate intelligence and possibly even their former personality, they are but shells of their former self. Unix shells, that is. They're colloquially named Web Crawlers, Bots, or Crawlies.

Garou who have been tempted by the Wyld may find themselves at a wall of mist, swirling and morphing into shapes and thoughts around them. As they move into it, they go through the Hedge and into an infinite labyrinth, ever-changing and growing. Nothing stays the same for long: it's much like walking through a world of Google's Deep Dream as it changes and tesselates. It doesn't last long before most minds are corrupted — or expanded as they like to say. They become walking bombs, a boiling kettle of creation spewing forth from their very footsteps. Colloquially, these Wyld-tainted Garou are known as Labyrinth Runners, Mazelings, or Thyme Bombs.

The Garou have their claws full dealing with the two Triat splashing all over the place, and they struggle daily to restore the balance and make society the peaceful utopia we all know it's meant to be. How will you fight? Where will you stand?

The Cities of Lazuli

Larimar City The City of New Beginnings A Venice-inspired city built on top of a dam.
Larimar Lake The Sunken History of Larimar Old ruins rest beneath the man-made lake.
Jasper Forest The Ghost Forest A lovely forest during the day, scary ghost forest at night.
Pietersite Village The City of Unity Old village in the middle of the forest that preaches harmony with all.
Edge of Jasper Forest Thriving in the Face of Adversity The edge of Jasper forest thinned out by the disaster of Old Diopside.
Old Diopside City The Mistakes of the Past An old city, destroyed by the radiating explosion of their nuclear plant.
New Diopside City The City of Clean Living The new incarnation of Diopside, which continues to run on nuclear fission.
Route 5: Diopside Tunnels The Tangled Catacombs Emergency tunnels beneath New Diopside that lead to Palladium.
Palladium City The City of the Future! A highly futuristic city that serves as the battleground between the Green Dragons and the Technocrats.
Route 1: Garnet Caves The Red Caves that Reach Through the Maw-Sit-Sit Mountains A network of caves that go through the mountain that surrounds the Maw-Sit-Sit Basin.
Maw-Sit-Sit City The City of Peace A city built within the existing nature in the Maw-Sit-Sit Basin that lives harmoniously with the Wyld.
Route 2: Rusty Cliffs The Ring of the Maw-Sit-Sit Basin The cliffs along the opposite edge of the Maw-Sit-Sit Basin!
Carnelian City The City of A Thousand Hands An Industrial London-esque city with a thriving cultural jazz and entrepreneur scene.
Route 3: Alki Gorge The Ancient Tropics A lush tropical gorge that leads between Carnelian and Bloodstone.
Bloodstone Gulch The City of Dust and Roses A dusty desperado town split in a constant struggle between the bandits and pirates, and the local sheriff.
Route 4: Gypsum Canyon Traps and Misdemeanors A trap-filled canyon that yawns between Bloodstone and Antimony.
Antimony City The City of the Night Beacon A Tron-meets-Las Vegas cyberpunk neon gambling town run by gangsters.
The Island of Lapis The Sept of the Golden Phoenix The island paradise where all Garou are welcome, provided you come in peace.

There is easy and quick transportation between all of these cities in the form of the bullet train system, the airship Aerie system, or by boat (to some extent). However, it is possibly to traverse the whole thing by foot in only a week or two, if you're so inclined.


There are numerous factions at war in the continent.


Black-Eye's Bandits

The view's much better when riding on the backs of others.
Members: Blackbands
Black-Eye's Bandits are not necessarily a cohesive group. They're a group of raiders, pirates, slavers, and criminals operating under a man known only as Black-Eye. They've overtaken half of Bloodstone City and use it for their every whim, despite the occasional interference from Sheriff Feldspar. They'll take just about anyone in who shares their chaotic inclinations, but always for a price. If you're on the lookout for one of the more devoted (and cocksure) of Black-Eye's crew, you'll find the symbol to the left tattooed on their neck or inner-wrist.


The Church of Radiant Accord

All creatures under the sky are One.
Members: The Accorded / Accordions (derogatory)
The Church of Radiant Accord is a religion, yes, but it's also a philosophy: that all things are, at their basest of natures, in harmony. Life thrives in Balance, and we should strive to embody that balance every day and work for a better tomorrow. They espouse neither pro-technology nor pro-wilderness stances, but rather the combination of both. To them, all creatures are from the same starstuff. Garou, Human, Animal, it doesn't matter: only by working together can we make a better and more equal future.
It is not in the church's recommended behavior to proselytize, but some people are so worried about the future that they do it anyway. Then again, their versions of proselytizing vary. You might see someone preaching on the corner in New Diopside, or you might see an Accorded busy treating branch rot in the massive central tree in Maw-Sit-Sit, or repairing the patrolbot in Palladium.


The Green Dragons

Let nature retake its rightful place under the wings of the Dragon.
Members: Dragons / Serpents / Snakes (derogatory)
The Green Dragons have been called ecoterrorists by their detractors. As a group, they're staunchly against what they perceive as an aggressive tac the Technocrats have taken to further technology. They see the damage it's doing to ecosystems and the delicate balance of nature. So their aim is to bring nature back to the cities. Based largely in Palladium, they tend to "nature bomb" the city with the help of Garou, spirits, and unique technology, causing trees, vines, grass, and flowers to grow in the glass, steel, and concrete. They're dedicated to taking down the Technocrats and reasserting the rightful order.


The Nightstars

The world is our oyster.
Members: Nights / Glimmers (derogatory)
Their aim is to acquire wealth, power, and eventually spread to take over the continent. Technology? Nature? They don't give a shit. They just want to rule. They're run by their leader Nepheline, a Shadow Lord kinfolk of incredible charm, skill, and power. Due to her clever management, they operate perfectly legally under federal law.
The Nightstars runs Antimony as a city of gambling and excess, VR Habitats, and more. They have the tightest hold on the city of all the organizations there, and most others tend to get absorbed into their framework (if they know what's good for them).
Playing in the Nightstars means being an antagonist. They employ people in a number of roles: field agents (to go on missions), scientists (to research and create the various technologies the org needs), and executives (to organize missions, lead teams of field agents, etc). They also employ a number of people for their many fronts that channel money and resources to the organization.


The Technocrats

Survival of the Savviest
Members: Technocrats / Techies (derogatory) / Bolts (derogatory)
The world is a harsh and dangerous place, and we must do what we can to survive in it. The Technocrats strive to advance technology and have no compunctions in developing it, using it, and expanding on it. Their aim is to advance the world for the betterment of humankind through developing tools and technology. They do their hardest to distribute technology to everyone who needs it, and, on an organizational level, they tend to donate to charity frequently and in great quantities. Thanks to the Technocrats, Palladium has been able to provide its citizens with all kinds of advanced technology that has eased some of the problems humanity has faced.
Technocrats are also employed by members of the Palladium police force, and officers are given private walking-mechs and high-tech armor and weapons to help preserve the peace.
Members of the Technocrats tend to wield future tech: nanobots, lasers, and wireless bodytech are all potentially implemented.


The Unknown

In a world of technology and corruption, we must be vigilant to keep people and safe in these times.
Members: Bytes / Infiltrators / Whizkids (derogatory)
Each member of the organization is referred to only as a letter or a number. Their hub is largely in Antimony, and they sit squarely opposed to GANG and the other more minor crime syndicates in the area. As they are largely outmatched in strength and numbers, the Unknown instead fight from the shadows, using covert technological warfare (or, let's be honest: hacking). They're a faction largely intent on vigilante justice, to protect the ordinary citizens of Antimony who can't protect themselves.
To be a part of the Unknown, you best be good at staying on the down-low and knowing your way around technology. Especially the advanced technology that tends to come out of Palladium. Most Unknown agents don't necessarily engage toe-to-toe with their adversaries, but there's a small contingent that extend their prowess toward vigilanteism in the physical realm. They tend to be more, for lack of a better term, Batman-ish in their activities.

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