Roleplaying 101


We cannot stress this enough: this is a cooperative environment. You need to be able to work together with others, compromise, and have fun. Always keep in mind that this is a game. The point of Eternal Morning is for people to have fun dinking around in this crazy universe together — not to prove you're the very bestest RPer to ever grace the god-given internets. So chill out, kick back, and don't be a dick.


In-character actions mean in-character consequences. Though this game is consent-based, that doesn't mean you can escape bad things happening to your character altogether. You cannot run naked into Wyld von Vinewhacker's Wyld bubble of doom howling obscenities every which way, and expect that you won't get attacked, subdued, or otherwise detained. You need to not do that.

We understand of course that not everyone is great at forethinking — that's why cooperation is in play, so someone can tell you that that's a really dumb idea before you do it. And we HIGHLY encourage that communication, especially from GM. But once you do it? You accept the consequences, no if's, and's, but's or coconuts.

Don't Be a Twink or a No-Sell

Twinks are characters who are roleplayed to be super-powerful or rule-bendy. No-sells are a particular type of twink who are Unaffected By Everything, including emotions, other peoples' powers, and anything else that will make them look Not Like a Badass. No one likes a twink or a no-sell. No one wants to RP with a twink or a no-sell. A believable character will have believable flaws and weaknesses, and will always have situations in which they will react in a way that's not "advantageous" to them. Flaws need to be legitimate flaws, and not just quirks that might make you look bad sometimes ("He has a deep-seated hatred of tyrants, and has a hard time maintaining emotional control around anyone who bullies others." versus "He chews his nails!")

Roleplay should always be give and take. Sure, some characters will be more powerful than others — that's a given. But no character is invincible, nor should they ever be, unless they're a legendary pokemon. And you will never be a legendary pokemon, so don't do it!

And speaking of give and take…

Don't Hog the Spotlight

Surprise! Roleplay is not all about you! It's not about your character, or your story, or the world, or their character, or her character, or that one NPC. It's about all of us. Of course you get the spotlight some of the time! And so does everyone else! When you roleplay, let yourself become second fiddle to someone else. Let your RP bolster someone else. And in turn, they may do it to you, too!

Always try to react to a pose in a way that gives others something to build off of. For example:

Character 1 says, "Is that the crown prince?!"
Character 2 sips his tea at the bar.

This is what we call bad roleplay. Character 2 didn't react to what Character 1 said. Didn't engage in the scene, didn't even do something that was worth paying attention to for other players. In this scene, I wouldn't be surprised if Character 2 ceased to matter to the other players.

A better scenario would be:

Character 1 says, "Is that the crown prince?!"
Character 2 swivels in his bar stool, slopping tea down his front. "Where?!"

Now that's good roleplay!

Have a Sense of Humor

My goodness. We're all pretending to be spirit wolfs who bark at each other and play with gadgets. Things won't always go well for your character: that's okay! Adversity is what makes a character stronger. Just have a sense of humor about it: it's all in good fun. If you find yourself throwing a fit over events that happened in-game, take a step back and re-examine your attachments. You may be feeling this A Little Too Much. Because it is, and I repeat this with emphasis, just a game.

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