Pietersite Village

Pietersite Village



The City of Unity

Leading Factions:

The Church of Radiant Accord

Leading Tribes:

Circle Keepers, Dark Hunters


This old village sits in the center of the Jasper Forest, dark and foreboding. Light from the sun almost never reaches this place and what little sky is seen through forest canopy seems perpetually grey. Technology seems to have avoided this town, and use of electricity is non-existent. All in all the whole village has a rather gloomy front, and any inhabitant will tell you that they embrace the restless spirits and ghosts that wander the area.

Village residents are strong proponents of harmony with nature, animals, and each other. In the center of town is the Quartzspire Cathedral, where the locals spend their time revering this bond and preaching their philosophy. Its bell tower, deemed the Quartzspire Tower, reaches above the trees and peals on the hour as a way to guide lost travelers through the woods. Rumor has it, however, that not all the lost travelers are among the living.

The Cathedral is home to an extensive graveyard where animals and humans, Garou and spirits alike rest in relative peace.

The Church of Radiant Accord

The Quartzspire Cathedral is an old and beautiful building, and it's the headquarters for the Church of Radiant Accord. The Church is a loosely based religion and philosophy centered on the unity and harmony of all living things. They are non-violent and non-proselytizing. Anyone is welcome to stop in and enjoy the scenery, worship, or just soak up some good vibes. If you have any questions, nearby Accorded can help or Reverend Malachi will be happy to assist.


Wiz Notes on Pietersite Village

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