Palladium City

Palladium City



The City of the Future!

Leading Factions:

Technocrats, Green Dragons

Leading Tribes:

Silver Fangs, Red Howlers, Warders of Man

Palladium City is the battleground between two factions: the Technocrats, who fight to advance technology, and the Green Dragons, who fight for nature. Interestingly enough, between the two forces, Palladium itself has become a wonderland of high tech and natural greenery, blending seamlessly. With both factions vying for control, it's an ever-changing landscape, but those who live in Palladium can largely enjoy a stable and happy life, so long as you're able to avoid any outright battles in the street.

In one corner of town rises a soaring tower: the Zenith Aerie. For those who prefer not to use the bullet trains, the Aerie offers flights on mini-airships to all over the island here, like a taxi service.


Wiz Notes on Palladium City

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