Maw-Sit-Sit City

Maw-Sit-Sit City



The City of Peace

Leading Factions:

Leading Tribes:

Earth Rangers, Heart Guardians, Star Children

Maw-Sit-Sit lies in an enormous crater, the basin walls stretching hundreds of feet above them like sheer cliffs. The crater is said to have been the resting bed of an ancient spirit, and once, humans were foolish enough to build a city in it that defied nature. The ancient spirit rebelled, and nature itself took the city back. Since then, the humans have vowed to live in harmony with nature and the animals here, and hold very strict laws about exactly that.

The entire city is completely integrated into the trees, the rocks, and the mountains, as nature has absorbed the old buildings and its inhabitants have done nothing to stop it. Trees grow through the middle of buildings, and animals run free in the city as their natural habitat. All of the power in the city is run by a water wheel set through the river in the center of town where the Aventurine River has come into the basin via waterfall.

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