Larimar City

Larimar City



The City of New Beginnings

Leading Factions:


Leading Tribes:

Silver Fangs, Red Howlers, Star Children

Larimar is the oldest settlement on Lazuli, settled on the coast. Seven hundred years ago, during the Apocalypse, what is now known as the Aventurine River flooded the city. A dam was constructed around the ruins and a new city built on top. Now Larimar thrives, sporting old architecture but a new trading culture. Waterways cut frequently through the town, and it is common to traverse the city via gondola. It's a very elegant city, strung with lights and greenery and beautiful old brickwork. There are statues in the main square that honor the fallen from the hundred years of strife before the Wyrm was tamed.

Larimar also serves as the governing seat for all of Lazuli and as such, a number of political influencers find their homes there. The Silver Fangs have a little embassy in the city, outwardly doubling as a business firm called Wild Falcon Holdings. They serve the community in Solar and other Green-Tech solutions, doing a lot of charity work for the community in that domain. Visiting Garou are welcome to stop by the Holdings and say hi and introduce themselves.

One of the biggest attractions in Larimar is the dam that keeps Larimar from being flooded. The dam has an extensive interior open to the public. Most of these areas have open windows that look out and into the lake and the waterways beneath the city, with safety measures in place to prevent falls and other accidents. The public areas contain many tourist-oriented info booths and souvenir shops aimed at residents and sightseers alike. Certain operations portions of the dam are off-limits to the public, such as the control centers and maintenance routes.

Larimar Lake


Beneath the lake that the dam created lie the old city ruins. There are legends that a strange beast from the sundering of the world lurks beneath the waters. Many a tourist has tried to spot it conclusively from the windows in the dam, but so far none have been successful. Still, there is plenty of thriving sea life to be seen, and even swimmers and divers, and a unique view into the old ruins.

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