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Lapis is an island off the western coast of Lazuli that is largely hidden from the populace. Wards and rituals are in place to keep prying eyes away from their sacred island where the Caern of the Golden Phoenix resides.

Lapis is a tropical paradise, largely unspoiled. The Scarlet Lodge is situated on the edge of the water, just on the other end of the long bridge that leads from the mainland. It has plenty of space for Garou to gather, commune, and relax. The wilderness on the island is vast and populated with a kinfolk wolf pack.

The caern itself is a beautiful little lake fed by a waterfall, an oasis deep in the trees and vegetation.


Diarmuid's Grotto

Image by Rafael Lacoste.
Once, many many years ago, before the sundering, Lapis was a part of Northern California, and it was the lands of a Sept called the Faerie Ring. It was a Fianna sept (one of the two groups that eventually made up the Red Howlers), and its totem was a great and ancient stag named Diarmuid. As the world fought in the Apocalypse, Diarmuid rose up and fought the Heartwyrm and defended his beloved people; but in the end, he was struck a mortal blow and the Faerie Ring was no more.

The war ended and the Sept of the Golden Phoenix found their new foothold in the caern that once cradled Diarmuid and his kin, only to discover that Diarmuid wasn't dead or missing. He was instead very old, very hurt, and only able to convalesce. So the newly formed Red Howlers led their honorable totem to a section of the island where he could rest in peace and be protected.

To this day, Diarmuid still occupies his grotto. He is enormous, more land than animal at this point, with greenery growing from his body. He is tended by Diarmuid's Honor Guard, a Red Howler-exclusive group. They protect him, bring him offerings, keep him company, and keep outsiders away. Any Howler is welcome to visit — provided he is honorable and respectful. But non-Howlers are required to prove their honor and deference before they can approach the spirit.

The Sept of the Golden Phoenix

The Sept of the Golden Phoenix


Location: Lapis Island
Tribes: All Tribes Welcome
Totem: Aura; Phoenix
Level: 3
Nature: Visions, Sacrifice


Marshall Fanin // Strikes-Down-the-Wyld / Wyld-Strike // Homid Silver Fang Ahroun


Ewan Thurston // Calls Out the Enemy / Howls // Homid Storm Lord Galliard


Dorothy (Dottie) Paitakes // Homid Heart Guardian Ahroun

Located on Lapis Island, the Sept of the Silver Phoenix is well shrouded and warded. There are land paths just under the surface of the water that can lead you there if you know what you're doing and where you're going, or a single bridge that somehow seems to elude the notice of those uninitiated.

The Sept

Golden Phoenix takes a somewhat liberal stance on humans, kinfolk, and other changing breeds; but Phoenix nonetheless is a demanding totem and all members are required to act with honor.

Sept Positions

All sept positions are staffed by NPCs so that no single person's absence can obstruct another's roleplay, and so that no one player is in greater political power than another.

Alpha: Marshall Fanin, Strikes-Down-the-Wyld / Wyld-Strike, Homid Silver Fang Ahroun
Beta: Ewan Thurston, Calls Out the Enemy / Howls, Homid Storm Lord Galliard
Warder: Dorothy (Dottie) Paitakes, Homid Heart Guardian Ahroun
Master of the Rite: Jorge Knife, Homid Death Hunter Theurge
Gatekeeper: Theo Whiteplume, Dancing Eagle, Homid Earth Ranger Philodox
Groundskeeper: Windcatcher, Lupus Silver Fang Ragabash
Master of the Challenge: Bruno Aufderheide, Age of Winter, Homid Warder of Men Ahroun

Guardian Pack of the Bawn:

Genevieve St. Germain, Homid Heart Guardian Philodox
Cathan O'Conner, No One Path to Victory / One Path, Homid Red Howler Ragabash
Ironside, Lupus Warder of Men Theurge
Faye Hodges, Hunts by Starlight / Starhunter, Homid Bone Gnawer Ahroun
David Zimmer, Lays Down the Heavy Hammer / Hammer, Homid Star Child Galliard

Guardian Pack of Larimar City:

Gumbo Joe, Homid Bone Gnawer Theurge
Russ Hensley - Human manager of a shipping dock
Keitaro "Kevin" Yoshitsune - Human owner of a general store
Benny Rodrigues - Army Grunt

Moot Positions

Caller of the Wyld: Jorge Knife
Master of the Howl: Jana Grunwald, Moonrise Lights the Sky / Moonrise, Homid Heart Guardian Galliard
Talesinger: Windcatcher
Truthcatcher: Genevieve
Wyrmfoe: Jule Grunwald, Moonfall Darkens the Sky / Moonfall, Homid Heart Guardian Ahroun

Tribal Elders

Blood Talons: N/A
Bone Gnawers: Gumbo Joe
Death Hunters: Jorge
Earth Rangers: Theo
Heart Guardians: Dottie & Jana
Red Howlers: Cathan
Silver Fangs: Marshall
Star Children: David
Storm Lords: Ewan
Warders of Men: Bruno

Aura, the Phoenix



Wiz Notes on Lapis

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