Jasper Forest

Jasper Forest



Leading Factions:


Leading Tribes:

Circle Keepers, Blood Talons

This large forest is a dense sea of trees that spans several days' journey through its heart. Most journeyers would not care to venture off the sparse paths and trails that are barely maintained by the residents of Pietersite Village. It is populated by wayward spirits, dangerous Wyldlings, and a pack of Blood Talons that has taken the forest for their territory.

Legend says the forest has a transformative quality to it where brave souls may heal or grow stronger in unexpected ways, perhaps due to spiritual influence - a myth that draws out brave explorers, treasure seekers, and other foolish hearts out in search of this possibility. During the day wild animals chatter and romp in the woods. It is well-lit, friendly, happy. But at night, the forest settles into an eerie quiet. Many tales surround the forest, ranging from ghosts and vicious spirits to warning stories of much darker encounters.

As far as the Garou are concerned, Jasper has been a hotbed of Wyld activity for a long time. The forest is dense and overgrown, its creatures often mutated and vicious. Many Talons have taken to culling it back, keeping the paths safe for travelers. Their constant vigilance has at least made it manageable, but especially as it grows closer to Diopside, the Wyld is harder and harder to tame.

If you're lost in the woods, perhaps an Accorded from Pietersite might happen upon you and guide you to where you need to go. Or maybe you'll run into a Talon or a Circle Keeper who could do the same. You'd best just better hope that they're inclined to be friendly toward you.

On the Edge


On the far side, Jasper forest has thinned out considerably. The evergreens have grown brown and red all year round. Vegetation is sparse, and the animals that have made their homes on this side are generally … different from their brethren. Though straying from the path is a bad idea throughout the whole forest, in this side it's particularly dangerous. There are pitfalls and strange growths, monsters and Taint. A strange scent pervades the air, one that few can recognize with any familiarity.


Wiz Notes on Jasper Forest

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