Diopside City

Diopside City



The City of Cleaner Living

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Bone Gnawers, Storm Lords, Warders of Man

Some fifty miles away from Old Diopside lies New Diopside. Still relying on nuclear energy, this time they've made significant advances in hopes of not repeating their deadly mistake. Though the water, air, and soil here no longer carry the radiation from the Diopside Disaster, the destruction and waste has attracted many banes to the city. Their toxicity has leached into Diopside's resources despite Diopside's citizens' best efforts to keep them at bay.

Parts of town are more indicative of the baneful interference, as seen where fresh water gradually turns to slick, slow-moving sludge. The sewers especially are a rank mess with the city having taken to disposing of its worst materials there, all in an effort to attract the polluting banes away from their cleaner reservoirs. It's a coin toss as to whether or not it's safe to drink the water here. Those less willing to gamble on it can find bottled water sold on every corner along with purification tablets and other similar things.

Old Diopside City

The Mistakes of the Past

The old city is blocked off by a lengthy fence posted with several signs warning of radioactivity. Diopside has always touted the benefits of nuclear fission as a means to unlimited energy; unfortunately, this led to a nuclear disaster forty years ago when their reactor melted down and its many fail-safe measures failed spectacularly. The core had a small explosion, contained thanks to the quick work of the workers and some quick-acting Garou in the Umbra. Unfortunately it was not contained enough, and the city had to be abandoned after the dreadful fallout killed tragic numbers of people with radiation sickness in the first few months.

The city has since been deemed safe for tourism, but extended stays are still considered unhealthy. People who work in Old Diopside are required to only work five hours a day for a month before having to take a fifteen-day vacation elsewhere to recover. Wild animals here seem to be more vicious, however, and visitors are cautioned to watch themselves.

Before the Diopside Disaster, there was an overground passage from here to Maw-Sit-Sit City. The passage has since been blocked with the debris of the reactor station. This area is too dangerous to properly clean out, and is as such cordoned off to tourists and travelers.

Diopside Tunnels


Underneath Diopside are the emergency escape route tunnels. Built to withstand a nuclear explosion, they snake throughout the city in an endless maze. Because of the sheer amount of tunnel distances, many routes have been neglected and stand without proper signage. Wild, aggressive animals make the paths even more precarious. Despite these dangers, some tunnels are still used as shortcuts, and there are entrances all over town. Some paths eventually the tunnels lead out into Palladium City and various other destinations outside of Diopside City.


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