Carnelian City

Carnelian City



The City of A Thousand Hands

Leading Factions:

Technocrats, Unknown

Leading Tribes:

Bone Gnawers, Red Howlers, Warders of Man

The City of a Thousand Hands
Carnelian is an industrial city that favors coal as its method of power production. There are a number of factories and mills here that turn out the power the city uses. The smoke belched through their smoke stacks into the sky keeps it perpetually dark.

Despite the number of factories, manufacturing is only one part of the city. Instead, Carnelian City is a town of entrepreneurs and small business, a destination for anyone who wants to make their living by selling their own wares. The city varies by districts - sections closer to the factories are poorer while the few wealthier citizens get to live in the cleaner districts away from the smoke. Despite the clash of classes, all the people of Carnelian certainly know how to have their fun. Music, theater and the arts are all well-integrated into the city culture. Though all styles of music are popular here, jazz in particular is quite popular.

Carnelian has a very prominent class structure. Because Carnelian provides a lot of factory goods to the rest of the continent, they keep the factories running 24/7 and constantly staffed. It's easy to find a factory job, but it's hard to advance from there — which is why so many flock to independent businesses. The cramped and crowded city streets are home to a large percentage of the population, and many of the poor live in the smoke-choked inner-city.

On the hill upwind from the smoke, however, reside the rich and powerful in the city. Those who own the factories, and oversee the larger businesses, reside there and keep the city working hard.


Wiz Notes on Carnelian City

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