Bloodstone Gulch

Bloodstone Gulch



The City of Dust and Roses

Leading Factions:

Black Eye's Bandits

Leading Tribes:

Dark Hunters, Red Howlers, Storm Lords

Bloodstone is split right down the center of its main street.

The Bandit Slums make up one half of the city, where the worst types of thieves, bandits, slavers, and other unsavory types have taken up residence. Within the slums is a thriving black market where bootleggers and bandits sell illegally obtained items, including talens and fetishes, to the highest bidder. Getting into the market is nearly impossible without the proper contacts and street savvy (see: Streetwise 3 or higher). The unknowing or foolishly investigative stepping into the wrong territory here might as well be toast.

On the mirror side of Bloodstone Gulch is what the law-abiding good guys call Bloodstone Proper. Bloodstone Proper is small, having only a few buildings to speak of. Homes are parked in the top floors of businesses, and the dusty desert town contains a couple of bars, a shopping mart, a medical center, and the sheriff's office. Sheriff Feldspar is a rough guy but he's got a strong sense of justice, and he's trying his best to round up the Bandit Slums and make his city whole and clean again.


Wiz Notes on Bloodstone Gulch

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