Antimony City

Antimony City



The City of the Night Beacon

Leading Factions:

Leading Tribes:

Bone Gnawers, Storm Lords, Warders of Man

Antimony City, despite its slogan, is a dark city. Lit by sharp, bright lines of neon, it cuts a stunning landscape at night. Even in the daytime, though, something about the city just seems dark and foreboding. Like its neighboring city Bloodstone, Antimony has a heavy criminal element. Unlike Bloodstone, these are traditional mobsters rather than bloodthirsty desert bandits. Organized crime is rampant in the belly of Antimony, either controlling or intimidating most of the business establishments into compliance and warring heavily with each other for territory and reputation. The city is overall, very corrupt, very dirty, and at night, very unsafe. Few areas of Antimony could be considered truly good.


All is not lost, though. There is a burgeoning element of vigilante justice from the wings. With the police force being corrupt at best and unbearably violent at worst, civilians have begun to take it into their own hands to fight back under the group called the 404s. Not with guns or battling, as the various crime groups have quite the monopoly on that, but with stealthier tactics like resource management, sabotage, and technological wrangling.


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