Mental Physical Social
Intelligence Strength ••• Presence •••
Wits ••• Dexterity ••• Manipulation
Resolve •• Stamina •• Composure •••
Mental Physical Social
-3 Unskilled -1 Unskilled -1 Unskilled
Academics Athletics ••• Animal Ken ••••
Crafts Brawl ••• Empathy ••
Investigation Drive Expression
Medicine Firearms Intimidation
Occult ••• Larceny Persuasion
Politics Stealth Socialize
Science Survival •••• Streetwise
Technology Weaponry Subterfuge
Size 5
Health 7
+2 in Glabro, +4 in Crinos, +3 in Hispo
Defense 6
Willpower 6
Initiative 6
Speed 12
Primal Urge 3
Harmony 7
Cunning 0 Wisdom 2 Honor 0
Glory 0 Purity 1

Skill Specialties: Crafts: Fetish, Survival: Foraging, Brawl: Wolf Fighting

Breed Lupus
Tribe Red Talon
Auspice Theurge
Birthday April 12th
Apparent Age 15
Occupation BARK BARK
Played By Alex Saxon


Spiritual Blockage ••

Prerequisites: Wisdom ••, Brawl •, Occult •••, Wits •••

Tactical Shifting •••

Prerequisites: Wits •••, Dexterity •••, Athletics ••

Favored Form ••

Prerequisites: Primal Urge at the Merit rating +1

Common Sense •••

Prerequisites: --


Shadow Gaze (Moon Gift •)

The Hunter Waits (Shadow Gift Purity; Gift of Stealth)

Lead The Lesser Pack (Shadow Gift Wisdom; Gift of Dominance)

Pack Awareness (Wolf Gift Wisdom; Gift of Pack)

Personal Traits

Blood: The Arrow
Bone: The Cub

Frenzy Triggers

  1. Specific Tasting human blood
  2. Common: Intruders in territory
  3. Passive: A human is nearby

Background & Aspirations

  1. Short Term: Make friends!
  2. Short Term: Be kind of Talon-y in his unique sort of way
  3. Long Term: Become a force for good in the sept

1. What do you want to accomplish with this character?
I want to have a fun, innocent character I can play while messing around with the dichotomy between innocence and Talon philosophy.

2. How do you see this character's arc concluding?
IN BLOODY BATTLE! No, he has two potential futures: one where he cleaves more strongly to the Talon philosophy and becomes more jaded and scarred, or one where he moves away from the philosophy and possibly renounces his tribe. I don't know what will happen: only time will tell!

3. Who are your character's living connections? Family, friends, lovers, enemies? Are they PCs or NPCs?
He has his wolf pack family who lives on the bawn with the other wolf packs!

4. Is your character local? If not, how long have they been in Chicago?
Yes! He was born on the bawn in the kin wolf pack!

5. How did your character react to The Great War(s)? Did they participate in any way?
Goose was young during the war; all he knows is that there was a great tide of Wyrm to fight and they won.

6. What does your character care about above all?
Taking care of his pack and family,

7.What does your character despise above all?
Bad guys, the Wyrm, complicated human things that make no sense.

8. At what age did your character have their First Change? What happened?
2! The Sept of the Silver Phoenix was well aware of his upcoming change, and though they didn't quite get it to go off without a hitch (he scarred up his pop pretty bad), he was taken under their wing without much trouble. Since there is no notable Red Talon presence in the Silver Phoenix, he's been largely passed around through the tribes and taught by a lot of different perspectives.

9. Did your character know about Garou before their First Change?
There were big wolf things that came to say hi! They smelled like wolves but not wolves.

10. Has your character ever broken the Litany?
No! Litany is good. Breaking is bad.

Experience Spends

10xp: Primal Urge 1 -> 3

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