Drew Kayode

Concept: Thief with a heart of even more thievery.

Mental Physical Social
Intelligence •• Strength •• Presence ••
Wits •• Dexterity ••• Manipulation ••••
Resolve •• Stamina •• Composure ••
Mental Physical Social
-3 Unskilled -1 Unskilled -1 Unskilled
Academics Athletics •• Animal Ken
Computer •• Brawl •• Empathy
Crafts Drive Expression
Investigation Firearms •• Intimidation
Medicine Larceny ••• Persuasion
Occult •••• Stealth •• Socialize
Politics Survival Streetwise
Science Weaponry Subterfuge ••
Size 5
Health 7
Defense 4
Willpower 4
Initiative 5
Speed 10
Integrity 7

Skill Specialties: Larceny: Lock Picking, Firearms: Handguns, Subterfuge: Hide Emotions

Drew Kayode
Birthday March 15
Apparent Age Late Twenties
Occupation IT guy and Thief
Played By Logan Browning
Theme Song Cherry Bomb - The Runaways


Damn Lucky ••

Prerequisites: Mortal

Nine Lives •••••

Prerequisites: Atariya, Damn Lucky


Prerequisites: --

Parkour ••

Prerequisites: Dexterity •••, Athletics ••

Assertive Implement ••••

Prerequisites: Manipulation •••, Occult •••, Weaponry or Firearms ••

Fast Reflexes •••

Prerequisites: Wits ••• or Dexterity •••

Double Jointed ••

Prerequisites: Dexterity •••


Prerequisites: Manipulation •••, Subterfuge ••

Personal Traits

Vice: Isolation
Virtue: Generosity

Breaking Points

1. What is the worst thing your character has ever done?
Once, Drew stole an antique from someone to sell to a buyer. It turned out to be the last connection her victim had to his father, which she found out while she was in the processes of stealing it. But she took it anyway, for the money, baby. Breaking Point: Causing deep emotional trauma to someone who doesn't deserve it.

2. What is the worst thing your character can imagine himself doing?
Testing the limits of her own luck, to the nth degree. Breaking Point: Taking a fatal risk for naught but curiosity's sake.

3. What is the worst thing your character can imagine someone else doing?
Up close and personal, prolonged maiming. Breaking Point: Being forced to endure extended pain enacted upon her.

4. What has your character forgotten?
Once upon a time, Drew met with a weaver-tainted creature who trapped her in a sort of Tron-themed hallucination. She has suppressed this and doesn't even remember the creature itself. Breaking Point: Seeing/hearing/etc what isn't truly there.

5. What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to your character?
A time when she was stealing from the wrong person. They caught her and kept her restrained in a cellar. It took days for her to break free. Getting out of their compound was also harrowing and she was recaptured before ultimately getting herself free. It may have included breaking her own wrist. Breaking Point: Being restrained or captured and unable to get away.

Assertive Implement

A special gun was passed to Drew from her mother, who got it from her mother and so on. It is a brass-looking handgun with some victorian-inspired flourishes. These are for form, not for function. It looks both antique and quite fancy. The entity within claims is it a spirit of Justice, righting wrongs and all that. And perhaps that was true at some point in the past. But the spirit has been corrupted for some time, through centuries of wielders using it for revenge instead of justice. Drew knows it to be a spirit of Vengeance now, but she hopes to one day find a way to soothe the spirit and return it to its original purpose. But as it stands, the gun demands blood, and sometimes it takes it for itself.

Background & Aspirations

  1. Short Term: Outrun a pursuer.
  2. Short Term: Break and Enter.
  3. Long Term: Find something to live for.

1. What do you want to accomplish with this character?
Have fun! Breaking into things! Push her luck!

2. How do you see this character's arc concluding?
Drew has extra lives, but one day, they're gonna run out. Ideally, when she makes the choice to spend her last life doing something noble.

3. Who are your character's living connections? Family, friends, lovers, enemies? Are they PCs or NPCs?
Drew has a fence she likes to work with, plus some contacts in the black market who she sells through and buys through. Her family is alive, but elsewhere.

4. What does your character do for a living? If not their occupation, what are their hobbies or passions?
Drew works as internal IT for a tech company, servicing people who can't live without their tech, but don't actually know how it works. Oh, and also, she is a thief. On the side.

5. In the fight between Nature and Technology, where does your character lie?
Officially, Drew cares about nature, I mean, if it goes bad, everyone dies. But in practice, she is more absorbed by tech.

6. What does your character care about above all?
Having a good time.

7.What does your character despise above all?
Having to take anything seriously.

8. Does your character know about the supernatural?
Yes, although more in the spirity sense. She has yet to realize werewolves are a thing.

9. Has your character ever had contact with a supernatural?
Yes, in the form of her weaver-creature, her gun and her own luck.



XP Spends

Assertive Implement 4xp
Fast Reflexes 3xp
Double Jointed 2xp
Untouchable 1xp

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