Mental Physical Social
Intelligence ••••• Strength ••••• Presence •••••
Wits ••••• Dexterity ••••• Manipulation •••••
Resolve ••••• Stamina ••••• Composure •••••
Mental Physical Social
-3 Unskilled -1 Unskilled -1 Unskilled
Academics ••••• Athletics ••••• Animal Ken •••••
Computer ••••• Brawl ••••• Empathy •••••
Crafts ••••• Drive ••••• Expression •••••
Investigation ••••• Firearms ••••• Intimidation •••••
Medicine ••••• Larceny ••••• Persuasion •••••
Occult ••••• Stealth ••••• Socialize •••••
Politics ••••• Survival ••••• Streetwise •••••
Science ••••• Weaponry ••••• Subterfuge •••••
Health 10
+2 in Glabro, +4 in Crinos, +3 in Hispo
Willpower 10
Initiative 10
Speed 10
Primal Urge 10
Harmony 10
Cunning 5 Wisdom 5 Honor 5
Glory 5 Purity 5

Skill Specialties: Medicine: Veterinary, Animal Ken: Dogs

Astrid Wallace
Sings the Tide to Sleep
Rank 7
Breed Homid
Tribe Children of Gaia
Auspice Theurge
Age 23
Occupation Vet Tech


Area Of Expertise

Prerequisites: Resolve •• and one Skill Specialty


Mother's Touch

Razor Claws

Personal Traits

Blood: Blah
Bone: Blah
Physical Touchstone: Blah
Spiritual Touchstone: Blah

Frenzy Triggers

  1. Broad: Bloop
  2. Specific: Blahp
  3. Passive: Breep

Background & Aspirations

  1. Short Term: Blah blah
  2. Short Term: Blah Blah
  3. Long Term: Blee Bloo

1. What do you want to accomplish with this character?
To be the best there ever was.

2. How do you see this character's arc concluding?
Flying off into space, screaming like a banshee.

3. Who are your character's living connections? Family, friends, lovers, enemies? Are they PCs or NPCs?
Bitch, who has time for that?

4. Is your character local? If not, how long have they been in Chicago?
She's everywhere and nowhere at once.

5. How did your character react to The Great War(s)? Did they participate in any way?
Fired into the enemy soldiers like a fuckin' boss.

6. What does your character care about above all?

7.What does your character despise above all?

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