Wyld/Weaver Taint

When the Apocalypse occurred a century ago, the Gauntlet, the barrier between the material and spiritual worlds, was torn apart. In the world of Eternal Morning, spirits inhabit the land as thoroughly and as practically as any kind of wild animal. Though these spirits can take the form of nature or elemental spirits, the most common and powerful spirits are those of the Weaver and Wyld.

Those living in this new, terrifying world need to concern themselves not just with their own physical safety, but their spiritual safety as well. Too much interaction with the Wyld or the Weaver can throw their soul out of balance, leading to devastating results for themselves and those around them. This imbalance is often referred to as Taint, as the people of Eternal Morning see this influence as a sickness or poison that can infect someone's being.

Wyld Taint

A person Tainted by the Wyld finds it easier to let go of the worries of the world, but they also find it harder to hold onto the important things in life. They become less interested in planning or the future, and begin to focus much more on the immediate. Those heavily Tainted may be impulsive, distractable, and start to experience mood swings. They're more inclined to party, dance, and have sex, to the exclusion of more important things like going on missions or eating. They can become energetic and unrestrained, to the point of accidental destruction. At the extreme, they may begin to lose mental connection with the world altogether, and start to exist purely in their own imagination.

  • Examples of Wyld-Tainted behavior: Drug addicts, young children

Weaver Taint

A person Tainted by the Weaver finds their uncertainties of the world dissipate as things start to become clear to them. Right and wrong become more obvious, good and evil more of a reality than just a concept. Their worries melt away as they stop doubting themselves and their ideas. Those heavily Tainted will be devoted to their chosen causes or projects, and start to lose the ability to see reason to the contrary. They will start to become obsessive and violent towards anything that puts their beliefs into question. They will being to pick out patterns where none exist. At the extreme, they will be driven to seek out and fix everything wrong with their vision of how the world should be, even if that means just destroying it.

  • Examples of Weaver-Tainted behavior: Fanatics, political activists, conspiracy theorists, paranoid schizophrenics

Gaining Taint

Taint is not something that happens by accident, and usually requires direct influence by Wyld or Weaver spirits. The most common source is from physical attacks by Wyld or Weaver spirits. These are a form of Special Damage, and are resisted based on the form of their attack.

However, Wyld/Weaver spirits can also be more insidious, slowly poisoning someone's soul with Taint without them realizing it. Communities in Eternal Morning are forever vigilant, looking for signs someone is influenced by the Wyld or Weaver, and one of the Shamans' main roles is detecting and stamping out the influence of Wyld or Weaver in their communities.

The Three Tiers of Taint

Shamans have identified three levels of Taint, each progressively worse:

Level 1

At this level, the Tainted start to exhibit tendencies towards the Wyld or Weaver. They may be more flighty and emotional if Wyld-Tainted, or more rigid and inflexible if Weaver-tainted. However, they are still in control of themselves and have enough faculties that, with the proper knowledge and outside help, they can themselves healed.

Level 2

At this level, a person has been significantly psychologically swayed towards the Wyld or Weaver. They begin to lose their old personality, and resist efforts to be healed. However, they are mostly still in control of themselves, and with great mental effort can hold off the influences of the Taint. Those without the mental fortitude to resist, however, risk going into Frenzy.

Level 3

At this level, your psyche has been nearly completely overcome by the Wyld or Weaver. You are focused either completely on self-indulgence and animal instincts, or fanatically bringing about the ideology or vision you are focused on. If you fall into Frenzy, you cannot roll to break free of it, and the only way it can end is by falling unconscious.


Anyone at levels 2 or 3 risk going into Frenzy when they are provoked or threatened. Frenzy is usually triggered by the Fight or Flight response.

To avoid going into Frenzy, make a Frenzy roll, which is an Intellect 4 check. If you fail, your character falls into a bloodlust, violently attacking anything around them they might even vaguely consider a threat. Their sapient faculties shut down, and they think only of killing or destroying. A Frenzying person doesn't think tactically, or have the self-control to be able to use powers that require focus, like most Esoteries. Instead they will lash out with weapons, fists, teeth, anything within their reach. Garou who go into Frenzy shift immediately into Crinos, attacking almost exclusively with teeth and claws.

At the end of each of your turns, you may spend 1 Intellect to attempt the Frenzy roll again. If you succeed, you end your Frenzy immediately. However, if whatever initially provoked your Frenzy is still in effect, you will have to make a Frenzy roll again at the beginning of each of your following turns.

Frenzy ends immediately if you fall unconscious.

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