The Rules of Consent

The World of Eternal Morning is a Full Consent game. This means that everything in the scenes can only happen with the consent of all players involved. This consent can be implied, so you don't have to ask every time you try to do something to another character (though it is still polite to do so). However, anyone is free to veto an action that's just been taken. If this happens, all players should discuss the situation and make sure they're on the same page.

A player usually cannot retcon an action that hasn't just happened. So you must stay aware and speak up immediately if something happens that you don't like. (Though this is a player-focused game, and pretty much anything is allowed as long as everyone agrees to it. It's always worth asking, but people are not obligated to allow your veto if it isn't made in a timely manner.)

If the players can't reach an agreement in any instance, then the scene will be retconned to have not happened, and can be replayed later.


Mary is a Kinfolk approaching John the Garou's camp. John is wary of outsiders, but decides to let her approach, and even offers her food. They get to talking, and Mary starts mouthing off to John something fierce.

John has a short temper, so he lashes out with an attack at Mary without warning, neither IC or OOC. Even though he doesn't ask for permission first, this is allowed. Mary does not object to this, so the scene continues and her character prepares for battle.

The first thing Mary does is hit John with her Stasis esotery. While he's locked up, she spends the next minute robbing him blind and laughing. John feels this is an unfair turn of events and vetoes the action, which is allowed. Mary is upset that her action got vetoed, and she tries to veto John's previous attack in response, which is generally not allowed.

There are a few possible resolutions here:

  • Mary undoes her Stasis action and attempts another action instead.
  • John and Mary agree to roll the scene back before John makes his attack and go from there. Perhaps Mary will also be less acerbic so combat doesn't start at all.
  • Neither of them come to an agreement, the scene is retconned away, and they can both choose to redo it later if they wish, with new knowledge of what each person will allow.
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