Equipment is anything characters can create, find, and buy in the world of Eternal Morning. To keep things simple, we don't care about the actual cost of items, just whether they're "common" or "expensive". An expensive item must either be gained as part of a character trait, found out in the world as part of a GMed scene, or requires a minimum of 1 month of game time with active work to acquire. Common items can be gained without limit, and a character can possess as many inexpensive items as they want, within reason.


While many groups have their own personal currency systems, there is no universal form of currency in Eternal Morning. Most trade that happens between groups in Eternal Morning relies on barter or exchange of services.


Armor comes in three categories: Light, Medium, and Heavy, which give +1, +2, and +3 to your Armor stat respectively. Light and Medium armor also come in expensive variations that give +2 or +3 to Armor instead. Some examples for armor are below.

Light Armor (+1)
Leather Armor
Reinforced Clothing
Expensive Light Armor (+2)
Spirit-Toughened Clothing
Titanium-Alloy Weave Vest
Medium Armor (+2)
Hide Armor
Kevlar Vest
Expensive Medium Armor (+3)
Spirit-Toughened Armor
Mechanized Armor
Heavy Armor (+3)
Scale mail
Riot gear
You can wear only one type of armor at a time — you cannot wear hide armor and scale mail, for example. However, Armor bonuses from multiple sources combine to provide a total armor rating. For example, if you have toughened skin that gives you +1 Armor, a force field that offers another +1 Armor, and leather armor that grants +2 Armor, you have a total of 4 Armor.

Anyone can wear any armor, but doing so can be taxing. Wearing armor costs you Might points and reduces your Speed Pool. You can rest to recover these lost Might points in the standard manner, even if you’re still wearing armor. (See Recovery Rolls for more details.) The Speed Pool reduction remains as long as you wear the armor, but the Pool returns to normal as soon as you remove it. Garou and Humans have abilities that reduce the costs and penalties of wearing armor.

Shields are common items that count as an asset for Speed Defense rolls (lower the difficulty by one step).


Light Weapons
(2 points of damage)
Ex? Notes
Blowgun Short range
Dagger Can be thrown up to short range
Dart thrower Y Long range
Hand crossbow Short range
Pistol Short range, Holds 15 bullets, Action to reload
XX 15 ammo Y
Unarmed (punch, kick, etc.)
Medium Weapons
(4 points of damage)
Ex? Notes
Baseball Bat
Bow Long range
Repeating crossbow Y Long range, Rapid Fire, Requires crank to advance, Holds 5 bolts, Action to reload
Crossbow Long range
Javelin Long range
Klaive Y Large Silver dagger
Polearm Often used two-handed
Quarterstaff Often used two-handed
Spear Can be thrown up to long range
Submachine Gun Y Short range, Rapid Fire, Holds 50 bullets, Action to reload
XX 25 ammo Y
Heavy Weapons
(6 points of damage)
Ex? Notes
Assault Rifle Y Short range, Rapid Fire, Holds 100 bullets, Action to reload
XX 50 ammo Y
Grand Klaive Y Massive silver sword
Heavy crossbow Long range, Action to reload
Hunting Rifle Long range, Action to reload
XX 5 ammo Y
Shotgun Immediate range, Holds 2 shots
XX 1 ammo

Not all characters are familiar with all weapons. Garou know their way around most types, but Humans prefer light or medium weapons, and Kinfolk usually stick to light weapons. If you wield a weapon that you have no experience with, the difficulty of making an attack with that weapon is increased by one step.

Light weapons inflict only 2 points of damage, but they reduce the difficulty of the attack roll by one step because they are fast and easy to use. Light weapons are punches, kicks, knives, handaxes, darts, and so on. Weapons that are particularly small are light weapons.

Medium weapons inflict 4 points of damage. Medium weapons include broadswords, battleaxes, maces, crossbows, spears, and so on. Most weapons are medium. Anything that could be used in one hand (even if it’s often used in two hands, such as a quarterstaff or spear) is a medium weapon.

Heavy weapons inflict 6 points of damage, and you must use two hands to attack with them. Heavy weapons are huge swords, great hammers, massive axes, halberds, heavy crossbows, and so on. Anything that must be used in two hands is a heavy weapon.

Other Equipment

Things like bug-out bags, first aid kits, or hiking packs are inexpensive as long as they contain items relatively easy to come by. Keep in mind that most societies in Eternal Morning are limited in materials to what can be made or scavenged by small societies.

Fetishes and talens are expensive items. Most talens can be created with just a little time and effort, but creating fetishes needs special ingredients that usually require a GMed scene.

High tech items recovered from the cities (including things like tasers, flamethrowers, and guns) are expensive items. These also usually require expensive ammunition, fuel cartridges, batteries, etc.

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