Character Races


In the world of Eternal Morning, there are three types of people: Garou, Kinfolk, and Human. Though these "races" are mostly for flavor, they also provide some useful mechanical boon that make them inclined towards a particular character type.

You can choose from three races: Garou, Kinfolk, and Human.


Garou are the warriors of Mother Gaia, given purpose by her and power by her sister Luna. Known previously as "werewolves" to humans, they are elite warriors who can bring devastating power and ferocity to any fight. Their supernatural stamina and healing lets them take blows that would easily fell other creatures. They fight with strength and speed matched only by the supernatural enemies they face down.

Most Garou are trained in the way of the Warriors, though some choose the path of the Shaman or the Jack instead. Warriors are trained in combat with their teeth and claws, though others choose to bring weapons into battle, either enormous two-handed weapons for those who can wield them, or traditional daggers called "klaives" for those who can't. Few Garou wield ranged weapons, due to the difficulty of crafting bows or guns of a size that can be wielded by a Crinos.

Garou Tribe*

Garou are the finest Warriors Mother Gaia has to offer. No human fighter, no matter how well trained, can match a Garou's prowess. However, different Garou tribes seek this expertise via different methods. Choose one of the tribes below.

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  • Silver Fangs:
  • Red Howlers:
  • Blood Talons:
  • Heart Guardians:
  • Bone Gnawers:
  • Warders of Men:
  • Earth Rangers:
  • Storm Lords:
  • Dark Hunters:
  • Star Children:
  • Circle Keepers:

Garou Ability

All Garou gain the ability to shapeshift.

Shapeshifter: You have the ability to shapeshift, choosing from the forms Homid, Glabro, Crinos, Hispo, and Lupus.

  • Shapeshifting takes an action, or you can perform a Difficulty 3 Might roll to shapeshift as part of another action. If you fail, you don't Shapeshift and you cannot Shapeshift for one round.
  • Each form provides different Armor, natural weapons, and other bonuses (see table below).
  • When in forms that provide Armor, you take the penalties associated with that armor type as if you were wearing that type of armor.
  • Mundane armor and clothing are absorbed into your body when you shift out of Homid, but weapons you're carrying are not.
  • When in Crinos, you can perform an All-out Attack action with your claws and teeth. To do this, you must have both hands free.
Form Armor Attacks
Homid Unarmed (Light)
Glabro Light (+1) Unarmed (Medium)
Crinos Heavy (+3) Claw/Bite (Medium), All-out Attack (Heavy)
Hispo Medium (+2) Bite (Medium)
Lupus Bite (Light)


  • If you are not Practiced in Medium or Heavy weapons, you still take the attack penalty when trying to make natural weapon attacks of that type. Garou Shamans, for example, usually rely on the use of Klaives (traditional daggers) in combat rather than their claws.
  • Any fetish armor will stay with you when you shift into a non-Homid form.
  • Fetish armor overlaps with Garou's natural armor instead of stacking. This means that if you shift to Crinos while wearing Earth-Strengthed Plate Mail (+4 Armor), you just get +4 Armor. If you're wearing Shadow Skin Leather Armor (+1 Armor), you still get the bonus to sneaking skills, and you get your Crinos armor bonus of +3.


The Garou are not the only beings in the world with Luna's empowered blood in their veins. They share this gift and their lives with who they affectionately call their Kinfolk. These otherwise unassuming humans play an important role in Garou society, not the least of which is attending to the spirits that make up a regular part of their lives.

Or, at least, that's how it used to be. The world that came to be after the apocalypse wasn't the balanced, peaceful coexistence of spirits and physical beings the Garou and Kinfolk were used to. Rather, spirits became like wild animals, vicious and unpredictable. Some still held onto their sentience, but the tearing of the Gauntlet changed things for the worse. It took time, but the Kinfolk were able to reinvent themselves and develop new ways of interacting with this scary, unfriendly world. They became not just the shepherds of spirits, but their masters as well.

Kinfolk Background

Despite that all Kinfolk share the common trait of working with spirits, different tribes approach their craft in different ways. Choose one of the tribes below.

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  • Blood Talon: Every spirit the Kinfolk of the Blood Talons commands was won in a hard fought battle.
  • Red Howlers: The Red Howlers' ancient connection to the fey has not been forgotten, and spirits can recognize those with Fianna blood in them.
  • Dark Hunters: Few know of the Dark Hunters' words of power, gleaned over millennia of study, but it's these words that let the Dark Hunters command spirits to do their bidding.
  • Silver Fangs: While not exactly the result of a psychic ability, just the personality of a Silver Fang Kinfolk can have enough power to draw the spirits out into the fray.
  • Earth Rangers: Earth Ranger Kinfolk can hear the river speak, know why the fire dances, see the wind trace its paths through the sky. They have learned to coax the elements out of their beds, drawing on them for power and wisdom.
  • Star Children: The pacifists of the once-great Garou Nation, the Star Children reject all forms of interacting with spirits save for that of kindness and respect. They treat their spirit allies as equals, and go into battle only with their spirits' blessing.
  • Storm Lords: The Storm Lords deal with spirits much like they deal with humans. They make deals and pacts with the spirits around them, tit for tat, though the deal is often not in the spirit's favor.
  • Warders of Men: Tools are the domain of the Warders of Men, and no tool is more versatile or powerful than a spirit. They know how to bind spirits into specially made devices, and cover themselves with gadgets for all kinds of purposes.
  • Bone Gnawers: Bone Gnawers are the other side of the Warder coin. While they also bind spirits to objects, they do it in a manner that makes Warder Kinfolk tear their hair out in frustration. Any piece of junk can be a valid spirit vessel, and often are.
  • Heart Guardians: I dunno, something about winning the respect of spirits? They might be too close to Star Children.
  • Circle Keepers: The old knowledge of the Circle Keepers is not what other tribes would consider "acceptable". They bind spirits into their own bodies, changing themselves to become half spirit, half human. Dead eyes moving on their own, or claw like hands that radiate cold are common among Circle Keeper Kinfolk.

Kinfolk Ability

All Kinfolk gain an Intellect Edge of 1. This stacks with the Intellect Edge gained from the Shaman type.

Intellect Edge: You add 1 to your Intellect Edge.


Even after the apocalypse, Garou and Kinfolk are still greatly outnumbered by humans. Even with the Garou's supernatural strength and stamina, and the Kinfolk's mastery of the spirit arts, humanity is the ultimate survivor. Part of this is their adaptability. A human is able to master any task or skill. Fighter, thief, crafter, entertainer, shaman… The Garou and Kinfolk have their niches, but a Human can do everything they can do and then some.

Human Ability

All Humans gain a Flex Skill. This functions the same as the Jack's Flex Skill, and stacks with it as well.

Flex Skill: At the beginning of each day, choose one task (other than attacks or defense) on which you will concentrate. For the rest of that day, you're trained in that task. You can't use this ability with a skill you're already trained in to become specialized.

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