Character Creation Cheat Sheet
  1. Create a new character page by going to the Current Characters page.
  2. Select a Character Type, Character Descriptor, and a Focus
  3. Fill out all that information in the beginning of your character sheet, as well as other basic information about your character.
    1. If you're a Garou or Kinfolk, choose a Tribe.
  4. Fill out your Stat Pool.
    1. You'll find your starting stats under your Character Type.
    2. You'll have 6 extra points to distribute as you wish.
    3. Make sure to add your pool bonus from your Descriptor.
  5. Fill out your Edges, as given by your Type.
  6. Choose two First Tier abilities from the list under your Type and put those in the Abilities section.
  7. Add your First Tier Focus ability to the Abilities section.
  8. Fill out your Skills section. Check your Type, Descriptor, and Focus for any Skills they may give.
    1. If anything says you're "trained" in something, that's a skill.
    2. If two things say you're "trained" in something, then you're instead "specialized".
    3. See the Rules Overview for more information.
  9. Select your equipment. Your Descriptor and Focus may provide free equipment.
    1. Some equipment is marked as Expensive. Expensive equipment is limited and can only be acquired from character traits (e.g. the Tough descriptor's extra weapon) or in-game.
    2. You may have as much common equipment as you like, within reason.
  10. Finish filling out your Background information and any extra info you may want to give about your character.
  11. Find a profile picture!
  12. When you're done, make sure to click the Set Tags button to properly tag your sheet.
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