Advancing to the Next Tier

To progress to the next tier, characters earn experience points (XP) by going on adventures and discovering new things — the Ninth World is about discovery of the past and what it means for the future. Experience points have many uses, and one use is to purchase character benefits. After your character purchases four character benefits, he or she goes up to the next tier. Each benefit costs 4 XP, and you can purchase them in any order, but you must purchase one of each kind of benefit (after which you advance to the next tier) before you can purchase the same benefit again. The four character benefits are as follows.

  • INCREASING CAPABILITIES: You gain 4 points to add to your stat Pools. You can allocate the points among the Pools however you wish.
  • MOVING TOWARD PERFECTION: You add 1 to your Might Edge, your Speed Edge, or your Intellect Edge (your choice).
  • EXTRA EFFORT: Your Effort score increases by 1.
  • SKILLS: You become trained in one skill of your choice, other than attacks or defense. As described in the Rules Overview, a character trained in a skill treats the difficulty of a related task as one step lower than normal. The skill you choose for this benefit can be anything you wish, such as climbing, jumping, persuading, or sneaking. You can also choose to be knowledgeable in a certain area of lore, such as history or geology. You can even choose a skill based on your character's special abilities. For example, if your character can make an Intellect roll to blast an enemy with mental force, you can become trained in using that ability, treating its difficulty as one step lower than normal. If you choose a skill that you are already trained in, you become specialized in that skill, reducing the difficulty of related tasks by two steps instead of one.

Players can also spend 4 XP to purchase other special options in lieu of gaining a new skill. Selecting any of these options counts as the skill benefit necessary to advance to the next tier. The special options are as follows:

  • Reduce the cost for wearing armor. This option lowers the Might cost by 1 and lowers the Speed reduction by 1.
  • Add 2 to your recovery rolls.
  • If you're a Garou, select a new fighting move. The move must be from your tier or a lower tier.
  • If you're a Kinfolk, select a new esotery. The esotery must be from your tier or a lower tier.
  • If you're a Human, select a new trick of the trade. The trick must be from your tier or a lower tier.
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