Roger Marshall
Played by: Jack Cutmore-Scott
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Occuption: Traveling Entertainer

I am a Graceful who Entertains

Might Speed Intellect
Max Pool 10 15 13
Edge 0 0 1

Effort: 1



  • Hedge Magic (1 Intellect point): You can perform small tricks: temporarily change the color or basic appearance of a small object, cause small objects to float through the air, clean a small area, mend a broken object, prepare (but not create) food, and so on. You can't use hedge magic to harm another creature or object. Action.
  • Trained Without Armor: You are trained in Speed defense actions when not wearing armor. Enabler.
  • Tier 1: Levity. Through wit, charm, humor, and grace, you are trained in all social interactions other than those involving coercion or intimidation. During rests, you put friends and comrades at ease so much that they gain +1 to their recovery rolls. Enabler.


  • Sleight of Hand
  • Flex Skill
  • All tasks involving balance and careful movement
  • All tasks involving physical performing arts
  • All Speed defense tasks (specialized when not in armor)


  • Pack of playing cards


Total XP: 0


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