Mux Rules

By creating a character on Eternal Morning, you agree to abide by the following policies.


In order to allow for the fullest expression at vital times in roleplay, our rating goes up to R. That said, in general, most RP should sit comfortably between PG and PG-13: going up to R rating should maintain the proper punch.

Yes, sex is allowed on this game, but please keep it to private areas of the grid. It should not be the focus of your public roleplay. This includes making that one Super Sexy Sexbomb(tm) character who is literally only there to bang, with no other character qualities to speak of whatsoever. Who is that person as a parent? As a person with a career? What are their hobbies? Et cetera.

Please note that sexual assault is not permitted in backgrounds. Don't make the staff read that.


We have a limit of 5 Alts per person on this game. You are welcome to +freeze an alt if you'd like to preserve them for future use but don't plan on playing anytime soon.

As is the usual mode of alt policies, don't do anything dumb. Equipment cannot pass between alts (or another intermediary), you can't use your own alts for bonuses or breaking points, etc etc. Alts are for fun, not for gaming the system. Be good.

Idle Policy

Your character is allowed to idle for a month before they're placed in the Freezer room. The freezer room simply takes your character out of the census, and does not harm your character in any way. You are free to log on and play again at any time.

If you've been gone for three months or longer, staff reserves the right to destroy your character bit. If you cannot log in, try logging in under Old(name) - e.g. OldAmber. We may have renamed your bit to free up a namespace for a newbie.


We expect our players to behave like adults. This means discussing issues with other players, staying open and honest, and not harassing people. This also means not abusing the system put in place, powergaming, or otherwise making the game a hostile or unfun environment. Long story short, we expect all people on the game — staff and players alike — to act like decent damn human beings.

Player Cooperation

Yes, this is a werewolf game, which means that yes, there is a certain level of teamwork expected. Your character doesn't necessarily have to be a team player by personality if you don't want them to be, but they should be able to exist in a world where working together is the norm. If your character wouldn't work well with others in a fight, don't sign up for fighty plots.

Stretch the rules around your character a bit in order to facilitate FUN. Would your character never hit a bar ever but there's a scene going on in a bar that you want to join? Make up a reason why they're there. Maybe your Blood Talon caught the scent of the Wyld in there. Maybe they've always wondered what a human bar was like and this just happened to be the worst possible time to sate their curiosity (spotted!). Want to join a cool-sounding plot that your character wouldn't be caught dead doing? Contrive a reason why they'd go, or got strong-armed into it, or did it on a dare! This is what good story is made of: CONFLICT. This world is mutable and so is your character. Don't let the only thing holding your roleplay back be You!


This is a consent-based game. Although in-character actions will always be met with in-character consequences, nothing severe (such as permanent injury or severe psychological scarring) can happen without your consent. If a scene or plot is steering in a way you're uncomfortable with, you should approach your compatriots and voice your concerns civilly, in hopes of either reaching a mutually agreeable compromise or arranging for a graceful exit for your character.

We are counting on you, as a player, not to abuse this rule. We are counting on your fellow players to do the same. If you're found avoiding in-character consequences, the staff will have to take action — and you don't want that.

Death & Experience Rollover

Characters can and do die in this universe, but when they do, they die when it is narratively appropriate. For the most part, it's likely that the only time you'll be meeting death is in a Plot of some kind, at a time which is a narratively appropriate time to die (as opposed to just walking down the street, or something). But if for some reason you meet your fate at the hands of another player in a casual scene, you can choose to mitigate death into injury, Condition, or some other consequence, thanks to our consent rules.

Either way, Death does happen from time to time and when your character hits that last health box of Lethal or Agg from the sky, they've passed on from this world.

We offer experience 100% experience rollover from character death. We also allow for 100% experience rollover from characters for the first month after their creation, if for some reason or another don't like playing them. (Extenuating circumstances are considered.)

If you're switching out an older and more seasoned alt, you will receive 50% of their earned XP to go toward your new character.

Experience Points

All characters gain experience points with which they can (eventually) level up. You can earn experience by earning Beats in the following ways:

When you run a plot.
When you participate in a plot.
Completing a long-running plot.

Gaming any of these rules (for example, idling on the grid), will be dealt with harshly.


This MUSH thrives on players participating and playing together! If you want to think up a plot to throw at some players, you should do that! Here's a guide for whether or not you should run it by a wizard first:

Small Plot One scene No approval needed
Large Plot Mulitple scenes Approval needed
Long-Lasting Impact on the Status Quo - Approval needed
Long-Term Plot Multiple Months or More Approval Needed

Rule of Cool

We believe that, to a limited extent at least, you can bend the rules and physics of the world to make something happen, so long as the result is Cool for all players involved. This should always be regarded as an anomaly, and not something that will happen with any regularity in the world, but some liberties can be taken here. But please focus on that particular part of the first sentence: it needs to be Cool for all players involved, and not just yours. For the greater entertainment of all! Because this is, after all, a game. Let's all have fun!

Pose Order

Eternal Morning is a casual game, and as such we have pretty casual rules. In general, during a scene, we expect the following:

In a small scene of 2-5 people, everyone goes more-or-less in order.
In a slightly larger scene, wait 3 poses, then go again.
In a large scene, wait 2 poses, then go again.
The exception here, of course, is for any GM'd scene that requires initiative, or any other one action-per-person-per-turn situation. Use your head.

Don't Be a Dick

Do not harass others. Don't abuse the system, the players, or the gracious leeway the wizards have given the players. Abuse is dealt with harshly here. If you find you absolutely cannot interact with someone civilly, then don't interact with them. Not everyone is going to be friends, and that's okay. That's how life works. But when you step into the realm of harassment (continuing to page when you've been asked to stop, goading someone, etc), we do not tolerate that.

Take Discussion to the Appropriate Channel

We have a number of useful channels that you can view with @clist! As you can see, there are different channels for different kinds of discussion. This is because while we believe everyone has the right to express, we also feel that not everyone has to listen to it. Please take requests to move your conversation to another channel graciously, and do so post-haste. On the same coin, if you must ask someone to move to a channel, please do so in a polite manner.

Unnecessary Charbits

If you create a character bit, it's to create and play that character. You do not need a thousand character bits you're never going to use, nor do you need to create a bit just to see if a name is available. Creating a bit for a joke was funny the first time, but the staff have now seen it a thousand times, and it creates unnecessary steps for us to clean up after you. So please be polite and restrict you character creation to actual characters! (Creating a lounge-bit through @robot, however, is acceptable, if you want.)

Polite Conversation

Just because this is the Internet doesn't mean you can say whatever you want. Conversation, especially in public areas, needs to stay polite and civil, and steer away from creepy or tactless topics. Keep your conversation to what you would say to an acquaintance: friendly, civil, maybe a little back-and-forth — but for the love of all that is holy, don't talk about your fetishes, make tasteless dick jokes, or other such unsavory behaviors — there's a channel for that! Polite conversation doesn't mean you have to be wholesome, necessarily, but do endeavor to keep it as clean as you can manage, for goodness sake.

The Bad Touch Rule

That is, "No means no." If someone says no, they mean no. If staff says no, they mean no. No amount of wheedling or cajoling will get you what you want — in fact, pressing the issue will likely harm your case. Same thing if you try to pull the "Dad said no so I'll ask Mom now" thing and go to another staffer to state your case after the first said no. The staff communicate, guys! That's a really stupid thing to try!

We Are Harsh and Unfeeling Gods

In general, we expect players to police themselves and be on their best of behavior. Staff will be around, certainly, but we expect players to keep themselves in line. Of course, this won't always happen. When the staff has to be called in to resolve a dispute, it needs to be known: This Is Not A Democracy. We are harsh and unfeeling gods. We want to keep the tone of Eternal Morning light and undrama'd, and if we have to step in, expect no mercy. So work it out yourselves if you can.

Specific Examples of Policy Breach

Need some more specifics? Because we can get more specific. This particular list was taken from the fabulous folks over at Tenebrae MUSH, as I don't think we could do any better.

A selection of behaviors we will not tolerate includes:

  • Hacking objects on the MUSH — including other players
  • Spying on other players through any means
  • Attempting to impersonate another player, whether through @emits or any other means.
  • Unnecessary vulgarity in public forums.
  • Racism, bigotry, or other lack of tolerance is absolutely forbidden.
  • Lying for any reason, whether it be to incriminate others or to put yourself in a more favorable light. There's no reason to lie, guys.
  • Intentional violation of written rules.
  • Harassment of any kind.
  • Baiting or provoking another player to anger, including playing a character whose only intent or purpose is to antagonize. (Yes, even antagonistic PCs. If you want to play one of those, read this.)
  • Using OOC information for roleplay, also known as meta-gaming. If your character has no way of knowing something, then don't have them act on it as if they would — nor do they get a "flash of insight"! This also includes using your own personal feelings OOCly to influence roleplay in a certain direction.
  • Posing your PC doing something that's beyond their abilities.
  • Running a plot as a means to attack other player characters.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it sure hits a lot of important points!


You are not permitted to be set DARK or UNFINDABLE in any room where other players are present, unless they know specifically that you are there and DARK or UNFINDABLE.

You are not required to disclose any valid RL details about yourself. The wizards ARE privy to your IP address but will not abuse that in any way.

Anything said on the venting (Bitching) channel stays on the venting (Bitching) channel. Sometimes people just have to vent. That's what a venting channel is for. If you don't want to be privy to the negativity, then log off the channel. Anyone who violates this policy will be unilaterally banned.


Discipline is meted out on a per-situation basis. We may use strikes, we may not. It really depends on the severity of your behavior and our observations about whether you're likely to be truly repentant. We're pretty chill people, but we also need to make sure this is a well-run community, too.

Final Notes on Getting Along…

It's a very useful ability to be able to agree to disagree. It's okay to be opinionated! Just conduct debates in a civil manner, take them to the Discussion channel if requested, and if your debate starts turning into an argument, then just agree to disagree.

In addition, please keep in mind the adage: "Is this the hill you want to die on?" If you're passionately defending something, step back and consider if this is something worth making a huge stink about in some random MUSH in some random corner of the internet.

Some helpful guidelines:

  1. Does this need to be said?
  2. Does this need to be said by me?
  3. Does this need to be said by me right now?
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