You Are Being Recorded

Type: Supernatural
Prerequisites: Mortal, Plain Reader

When acts of violence might break out, sometimes the best way to deescalate is accountability. A Plain character with this Merit can take out a cell phone, video camera, or other live recording device and announce loudly “You are being recorded,” or something similar, reminding the participants there are consequences for their actions. Roll Presence + Expression. At that point, anyone in the scene can act with violence, but only after a successful Resolve + Composure roll, which requires more successes than the Plain achieved. This counts for any violent action that could be made so long as the Plain is still holding a camera. Repeat attempts can be made to overcome this reticence.

This effect is cumulative. For any other cell phones or cameras that come out to record after the Plain initiates this Merit, rolling Resolve + Composure to act violently suffers an additional –1 penalty. Other participants don’t have to have the Merit to participate after the Plain initiates the recording. This counts up to a maximum penalty of –5 dice to the roll. Storytellers should consider the fact that random people on the streets are frequently inspired to participate in this sort of citizen activism when they see it.

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