Weakest Link

Type: Garou
Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Black Fury, Silent Strider, or Stargazer

Your character can immediately work out the weakest points in a social dynamic. With a turn of scrutinizing two or more associated characters, your character identifies the weakest of those characters by whatever criteria the Storyteller feels is most appropriate to the situation. This doesn’t require a roll.

As a guideline, Skills, Merits, Gifts, Renown, and Primal Urge can determine the weakest. This depends on the context; a character’s lack of Resources doesn’t make her weak when battle looms.

Drawback: This ability depends on the narrative context. The criteria the Storyteller uses will be those most relevant to the situation at hand; she does not have to identify the criteria by name. For example, at a tech conference, Computer is an obvious choice, but Status: Komputerkorp Inc. might be more relevant if the Garou is looking over the Komputerkorp Inc. staff.

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