Type: Garou: Fighting
Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Glory ••, Presence •••, Expression ••, Intimidation ••, may only be used in Crinos, Hispo, or Lupus form

Your character can howl out sharply and shake opponents to the core. Her howls reverberate on both sides of the Gauntlet, quaking spirit-stuff and flesh alike. Roll Presence + Expression as an instant action. The howl affects a number of listeners of your choice equal to the successes rolled. Those affected suffer a –1 penalty to Defense and attack rolls, and –2 to Initiative for the remainder of the scene. A character may only be subject to this effect once in a given scene.

Drawback: This Merit causes alert throughout the Umbra. Within three turns, curious spirits will arrive on the scene. Depending on the location, they may also be hostile.

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