Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable •• or •••
Prerequisites: --

Your character has the ability to interface with machines she touches in the way a psychic reads minds. With the three-dot version of this Merit, she can capture information through the electronic signals in the air. Data taken comes in waves of text and visual media in the mind’s eye that is overwhelming to the senses, requiring concentration to filter through.

Spend a point of Willpower to activate Technopathy and roll Intelligence + Occult. Interfacing requires touching the device, or a moment of complete stillness if taken from the air. Each success allows you to examine the information contained on it divided among the following parameters.

  • Users who’ve used this device recently.
  • Identify a device’s function and any devices networked to it.
  • Logs of communications made on the device in the past day.
  • Any information containing a specific search term.
  • Video or other media stored on the device.
  • Originator of data signal
  • Destination of data signal
  • Content of data signal

The knowledge gained this way stores in the character’s mind like memories, so an Intelligence + Composure roll may be necessary to recall it later.

Suggested Modifiers: Character is familiar with a device’s functions (+1), information is publicly accessible (+2), device is old or damaged (–1), information is encrypted (–2), information is corrupted (–4), High wireless communication usage (–1 to –4), Weak signal (–2)

Drawback: This ability causes a tremendous strain on hardware. Every use of Technopathy on the same target after the first causes two points of Structure damage on a success, three points on a failure. Devices reduced to 0 Structure this way short out, and any data on them cannot be recovered. For the wireless version: Any attempt after the first to access a wireless data signal corrupts or interrupts the message; the message is lost and the sender or receiver realizes their communications are compromised.

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