Type: Social
Prerequisites: Crafts ••, and a Specialty in Crafts or Expression

Your character has refined tastes, and can identify minor details in fashion, food, architecture, and other forms of artistry and craftsmanship. Not only does this give her an eye for detail, it makes her a center of attention in critical circles. She can also appraise items within her area of expertise. With a Wits + Skill roll, depending on the creation in question (Expression for poetry, Crafts for architecture, for example), your character can pick out obscure details about the item that other, less discerning minds would not. For each success, ask one of the following questions, or take a +1 bonus to any Social rolls pertaining to groups interested in the art assessed for the remainder of the scene.

  • What is the hidden meaning in this?
  • What was the creator feeling during its creation?
  • What is its weakest point?
  • Which other witness is most moved by this piece?
  • How should one best appreciate this piece?

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