Tactical Telepathy

Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable • to •••••
Prerequisites: Telepathy •••••

You’ve learned to use your telepathic abilities to coordinate your allies and distract your enemies in combat. To use these maneuvers, all subjects must be within the range of normal Telepathy.

Of One Mind Rather than link to each of your allies’ minds individually, you can create a network of communication among all of you that travels at the speed of thought. Activate Telepathy normally. You make one roll to connect to any number of minds at once, but take a –1 penalty for each subject after the first. The effect lasts for the remainder of the scene.
•• White Noise A voice in your head can be an encouraging whisper, or a deafening scream that reverberates inside your skull. With a successful Telepathy roll you can inflict the Stunned Tilt on an opponent in addition to normal Telepathy effects.
••• Unison When the moment comes, you and your allies act as a single consciousness. All subjects linked by Of One Mind can take their actions simultaneously on your Initiative as long as they haven’t acted already.
•••• Derail Thought You fill your opponent’s mind with a barrage of conflicting information, distracting him to the point he cannot think clearly. For the rest of the scene, any action taken by an opponent other than Dodging is penalized by the number of successes rolled on Telepathy. He can attempt to shake this effect with an instant action and a Resolve + Composure roll. Successes must meet yours to end the effect early.
••••• Shared Struggle Your connection with your allies is strong enough that you share each other’s inner strength. Characters can spend Willpower reflexively to add the +3 bonus to any roll taken by an ally linked by Of One Mind. Note that this doesn’t increase the amount of Willpower that any character can spend per turn, but does allow multiple characters to spend Willpower on one roll.

Drawback: This level of interconnection requires intense concentration and must be performed as an Extended Action.

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