Strings Of The Heart

Type: Garou
Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Fianna, Shadow Lord, or Child of Gaia

The first trick to making someone do what you want is finding out what they want, and promising it, threatening it, or offering it. Your Garou has a knack for finding that very thing. After a turn scrutinizing her prey, ask his player, "What does your character want most?" Your Garou instinctively knows the answer, even if she doesn’t understand the context. "I want Davis's hand in marriage" is more useful if she knows who Davis is, but she doesn’t have to know him to know that answer.

When leveraging that bit of information, she’s considered one stage of impression better in Social maneuvers against the prey, and ignores one Door. As well, the prey cannot defy the Garou's threats, offers, or temptations without spending a point of Willpower.

Drawback: That degree of intimacy creates a lasting relationship between the Storm Lord and her prey, whether she wants it or not. That sympathy leaves her open to later influence. The Garou always has one fewer Door when the prey initiates a Social maneuver against her.

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