Spirit Howl

Type: Garou
Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Theurge

The Garou are the stewards of the Spirit World, and the Theurge moreso than most represent the power and responsibility bestowed on them by Mother Luna. Once per chapter, the character can let out a howl that, while silent in the Flesh, can be heard by Spirits. Spirits of lower Rank than the werewolf flee the area, hide, or go dormant, while more powerful spirits avoid the werewolf out of deference. Spirits that are actively allied with the werewolf's pack or tribal totem might even come to his aid. Only spirits that are outright hostile to the pack do not show deference, though their Defense is penalized by the werewolf's Wisdom Renown. This howl does not require a roll, but does require the player to spend a point of Essence.

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