Sounds Of The City

Type: Garou
Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Bone Gnawer or Glass Walker

Your Garou has his fingers on the pulse of the city, and can see the flow of its currencies. Not just money, but favors, popularity, and standing. With subtle manipulations, he can cut off that flow. The player rolls Wits + Politics; with success and a turn of scrutiny, the character can identify one Social Merit the victim possesses, chosen by the Storyteller.

Additionally, with a scene’s effort, he can shut down a number of Social Merit dots equal to his Cunning Renown. These must reflect human influences, such as Allies, Contacts, Fame, Resources, or Status in the human world. His prey loses access to those Merits for as long as your Iron Master wishes. However, he can only lock out that number; he must abandon previous efforts if he wants to deny different Merits.

Drawback: His level of intimacy with the city’s interactions leaves your character vulnerable. While he’s shutting down Social Merits, his own Social Merits in human spheres are considered one dot lower. This includes their relative levels
for defending against others’ attacks and scrutiny.

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