Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable •• or •••
Prerequisites: Psychic Vampirism

psychic vampire can spend Ephemera to change into animal forms. Each purchase of Shapechanging allows for a different animal form. Typically, these animals are regionally or culturally appropriate to your character or your character’s home: A teenager in Minnesota isn’t likely to turn into a howler monkey. Also, while not exclusive, this Merit favors predatory and nocturnal animals. Predatory or nocturnal animal forms are •• Merits; other animals are ••• Merits.

Your character takes the shape of the animal, and all its Physical Attributes. Other Attributes and Skills remain the character’s own, while some may be effectively useless (a bat can’t likely use Firearms, for example). As a general guideline, animal attacks cause 0L damage, or 1L damage for large natural weapons (like bear bites). Some especially massive natural weapons, like alligator bites, can cause 2L. Work with your Storyteller to determine other basic traits and advantages animal forms might have.

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