See The Flow

Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable • to •••••
Prerequisites: Atariya, Damn Lucky

The Atariya with this Merit have an innate sense of people who are about to experience the flow of fortune, for better or worse. Further, they can declare with startling accuracy when someone is about to pull off something incredible or when they’re about to fail hard. Their predictive capability has nothing to do with seeing the future, and everything to do with following luck’s flow.

When the player of another character or the Storyteller prepares a dice pool to roll, if it is more than eight dice, the Atariya gets a sense of luck flowing positively for that character. In the same situation, should a dice pool be three or under, the Atariya gets a sense of a rush of bad luck flowing toward that person. Further, if a character has a modified threshold of exceptional success on a roll they are about to perform (as is the case with Merits like Professional Training), the Atariya gets a secondary sense that the chances of something amazing are much higher.

At that point, the Atariya can spend a point of Willpower. If she does, she can reduce or increase the perceived dice pool by a number up to her See the Flow dots. She may use this Merit to affect multiple dice pools in a scene, but only up to her total dots. This isn’t the Atariya affecting luck, but more that she’s calling out the exceptional fate in the moment. So, for example, a mage able to detect shifts in luck would not detect a change from this Merit.

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