Type: Physical
Prerequisites: Integrity ••••• or lower

You may take this Merit when failing a breaking point, if you have the Experience. Otherwise, with Storyteller discretion, you may take it “on loan,” and spend the next
earned Experience on it.

When your character fails the breaking point and loses Integrity, write down this Merit along with whatever event caused the breaking point. Your character no longer suffers breaking points from that influence or action. This Merit is tied to a specific Condition you and your Storyteller choose at the time you take this Merit; that Condition becomes Persistent. The normal resolution terms become a source of Beats. Removing the Scarred Merit becomes the only method for resolving that Condition.

Note: While you have this Merit, you cannot increase your character’s Integrity. You may shed it through the Sanctity of Merits rule if you wish to increase Integrity.

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