Sacrificial Offering

Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable • to •••••
Prerequisites: Occult •••, Mystery Cult Initiation •••••

Your character performs a ritual to give her power at the cost of a victim’s soul. This ritual must be tied directly to the beliefs of her Mystery Cult. Make an extended Wits + Occult roll, with each roll representing 10 minutes of chanting and preparation. Her victim must be immobilized for the duration of the ritual. The total number of successes determines the benefit given to your character. This benefit lasts for days equal to her dots in Sacrificial Offering.

5 successes A four-dot Merit, or four dots worth of Merits blocked on a target
7 successes Five dots of Supernatural Merits
10 successes Direct intervention by an ephemeral being aligned with her cult

Suggested Modifiers: The victim possesses a trait with significance to the cult’s beliefs (+1), character is aided by other members of her cult in performing the ritual (+2), victim is a supernatural being (–2), victim is already injured (–2), victim has Integrity 4 or below (–3)

Drawback: Every use of this ritual provides diminishing returns. Each time it’s used, the number of successes required increases by one, cumulatively. This ritual is always considered a breaking point for those who participate.

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