Relentless Assault

Type: Garou: Fighting
Cost: Variable • to •••••
Prerequisites: Strength •••, Stamina •••, Brawl ••

Your character fights with complete abandon. She throws herself at her opponents without thought or hesitation, turning herself into a ruthless killing machine. She’s the first into the fight, and the last out of a fight. While this Style is more useful in Hispo and Crinos form, a Garou can use it in any form. It only applies to attacks using the Brawl Skill, but can be used when in Frenzy.

Drop of a Hat Your character goes from zero to ballistic at the start of a fight. She always goes to strike first. In the first turn of a fight, your character gets +3 to her Initiative score so long as she makes an all-out attack (see p. 168). After the first turn, this bonus goes away.
•• Eye of the Tiger Your character can focus on a single target to the exclusion of all others. This tunnel vision makes her fearsome against her primary target, but vulnerable to others. Choose a target. When making an all-out attack against that target, your character retains her Defense against him.
••• Dig Deep Your character doesn’t strike for her enemy’s skin; she strikes for a spot a few feet behind it. To her, overkill is the only acceptable kill. You can choose to remove one die from your dice pool before rolling an attack. If you do, increase your character’s claws or teeth weapon modifier by +1.
•••• Grin and Bear It Your character stops caring about her own safety in order to take down her opponents, and this single-minded lethality helps her to shrug off blows that might cripple others less ferocious. Any time she makes an all-out attack, she gains 1/1 armor against all attacks for the turn. This combines with any other armor she may benefit from.
••••• The Warpath Your character kills, but this does not stop her assault. Any time she fills an opponent’s last health box with lethal or aggravated damage, she may immediately make an additional attack against any other character within her reach. If her second attack deals damage, she immediately enters Hard Frenzy without a chance to resist.

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