Psychokinetic Combat

Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable • to •••••
Prerequisites: Psychokinesis ••• or •••••

Your character has honed her psychic abilities into a dangerous weapon. All the conditions required to activate your character’s Psychokinesis must be present to use any of the following maneuvers. Any attacks subtract the victim’s Resolve from the pool, as normal. Each of these abilities requires that your character activate Psychokinesis, or have Psychokinesis already active, but does not incur further cost unless otherwise noted.

Corona You surround yourself with a field of energy, affecting anyone who comes too close. Any close combat attacks made against you automatically inflict one point of lethal damage on the attacker; with the five-dot version of Psychokinesis this is increased to two points. If engaged in a grapple, this damage is inflicted every turn. The field lasts for a number of turns equal to successes rolled to activate Psychokinesis.
•• Mind Over Matter When you focus your energy on weak points, even the most well-protected enemy is at risk. Your Psychokinesis attacks now gain armor piercing 2 and are not affected by cover.
••• Trapped Potential You can turn even the most innocuous items into time bombs of psychic energy. When you activate Psychokinesis, choose any object within yards equal to your character’s Resolve. As a reflexive action, you can detonate the object causing three points of bashing damage to anyone close by it and creating a Size 3 patch of force. With the three-dot version this object must have the ability to produce your chosen force on its own, such as a lighter or welding torch for a pyrokinetic, but with the five-dot version any object can be trapped this way.
•••• Imbue Weapon By channeling psychic energy through yourself you can make your weapons more effective. When rolling to manifest Psychokinesis, you may choose to accept lethal damage up to your character’s successes, up to your character’s final Health box. Each point of damage taken adds one weapon damage to the next attack your character makes. With the three-dot version of Psychokinesis, your character must have a nearby source of energy to draw from to use this maneuver.
••••• Harvest Psyche You’ve learned to collect the psychic feedback of others’ minds to fuel your own abilities. Each time your character causes damage with Psychokinesis, gain one Willpower.

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