Psychic Vampirism

Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable • to •••••
Prerequisites: --

To use Psychic Vampirism, your character must touch a victim, skin-to-skin. The Breath Stealer Merit alters this. Any use of Psychic Vampirism is an instant action, so it cannot be combined with other instant actions, such as physical attacks. However, she can use it as a grappling maneuver (use the grappling maneuver dice pools instead of the normal Psychic Vampirism dice pool in that case).

Use of Psychic Vampirism abilities requires a roll of Intelligence + Occult + Psychic Vampirism – the victim’s Resolve dots. Successes determine the level of effect. She can combine effects and divide her successes between points of damage and Willpower.

Each level of Psychic Vampirism has two effects: One enhances your character’s ability to feed from Ephemera, the other allows your character to use Ephemera. The Ephemera expenditure ability may be used reflexively once per turn; only one such ability can be used per turn.

Amateur With this basic level, your character can cause bashing damage. She causes one bashing damage per success on her roll. Every two points of bashing damage gives her one Ephemera (this can be accumulated over multiple turns). She can use one Ephemera to heal a point of bashing damage, or two Ephemera to heal one lethal damage.
•• Dilettante With this level, she can choose to steal psychic energy from her victim instead of causing damage. For every two successes, she steals one Willpower from her victim and converts it into one Ephemera. For two Ephemera, she can regain one spent Willpower point.
••• Practiced Now, her ability to harm is intensified. Every success causes two bashing damage or one lethal damage, and gives her one Ephemera. She can heal two bashing or one lethal with a point of Ephemera.
•••• Accomplished Her psychic draining improves. Now, every success drains a point of Willpower from her victims and gives her one Ephemera. A point of Ephemera regains a point of Willpower.
••••• Virtuoso With this pinnacle of psychic vampirism, the character’s ability to steal life becomes utterly fearsome. Every success causes both one lethal damage and one Willpower loss if she wishes, and gives her two Ephemera. A single Ephemera point recovers a point of Willpower, and one lethal or two bashing damage.

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