Psychic Poltergeist

Type: Supernatural
Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Telekinesis •

Your character barrages enemies with objects from her environment. By activating Telekinesis, she can cause nearby Size 0 or 1 objects to converge on an area like a swarm. The swarm envelops a number of victims equal to her dots in Telekinesis. Each victim within the swarm’s area suffers the persistent Distracted Condition (p. 150) until he or she escapes. Additionally, the Storyteller determines an appropriate amount and type of damage from being within the swarm. For example, a cloud of whirling kitchen knives or burning chunks of furniture would inflict lethal damage, while stuffed animals would inflict bashing, if any. This should be limited to a dice pool equal to the psychic’s Resolve. However, victims taking any action besides Dodging cannot apply their Defense against the swarming objects.

Drawback: This ability requires the telekinetic’s complete concentration. She must spend a point of Willpower every turn and can take no other actions. She can apply Defense to incoming attacks, but taking damage immediately ends Psychic Poltergeist.

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