Psychic Onslaught

Type: Supernatural
Cost: •••••
Prerequisites: Telekinesis • or Psychokinesis •

Your character discharges psychic energy from herself with the concussive force of a grenade: smashing windows, crushing bones, and bursting blood vessels. This is not a precise weapon; it radiates out from the psychic annihilating friend and foe alike. By spending a point of Willpower, this triggers a Damage 3, Force 3 explosion with a primary blast area of the psychic’s Resolve in meters or yards. The psychic is at ground zero, but only suffers bashing damage – not lethal. If the damage exceeds a character’s Stamina then it applies the Knocked Down Tilt as well – this does not apply to the psychic.

Drawback: This power is instinctive to your character’s will to survive. The first time in a scene her last Health box becomes filled with bashing or lethal damage, Psychic Onslaught triggers as a reflexive action, without the normal Willpower cost. This occurs even if the damage would render her unconscious or kill her.

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