Psychic Concealment

Type: Supernatural
Cost: •••
Prerequisites: Mind Control •••, Stealth •••

Your character can move unnoticed by the perceptions of others. This is not true invisibility; her victims are still able to see and hear her. She has just altered their minds not to register the sensory input of her presence. The memories of her activities remain in a victim’s subconscious, recoverable by hypnosis or other means. Note that cameras and surveillance equipment aren’t affected by this ability.

To activate Psychic Concealment, spend a point of Willpower and roll Wits + Stealth – the victim’s Composure. If attempting to activate this ability against multiple targets, use the highest Composure in the group and add a –1 penalty for every additional target (to a maximum –5). Success inflicts the Oblivious Condition (see p. 150) on all targets in the psychic’s immediate area.

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