Protocol Fixer

Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable • to •••••
Prerequisites: The Protocol •

Your character has access to a Delta Protocol fixer, who provides the necessary Serum to keep her body from rejecting its augmentations. Without this Merit, your character only receives a single dose per month.

Dots Doses
0 1 monthly dose
1 1 weekly dose
2 3 weekly doses
3 6 weekly doses
4 10 weekly doses
5 14 weekly doses

This Merit can reflect a Lost Boys Network fixer, who provides substandard Serum as noted below. This requires at least a dot in the Lost Boys Network Status Merit as well.

Additionally, your character can purchase additional doses. An Availability ••• purchase through her Protocol Fixer will net one dose per dot in the Merit.

The Serum

The Serum is a Toxicity 5 poison (see the Chronicles of Darkness Rulebook, p. 98). Add your character’s Protocol Merit dots to her Stamina + Resolve rolls to resist the Toxicity. Most characters take lethal damage from the Serum. However, characters subject to the Delta Protocol only take bashing damage from it.

Some Protocol subjects have managed to create substitute Serum. While it staves off the addiction and the augmentation rejection, it’s not quite as pure as Protocol Serum. It's effectively Toxicity 7 (but the roll to resist Toxicity is only made at -5, not -7). To replicate the Serum requires access to materials with an Availability of ••••, and an extended Intelligence + Science roll. Each roll requires an hour of work, and 15 successes are required. Success creates three doses, plus two for every exceptional success during the extended action.

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