Professional Training

Type: Mental
Cost: Variable • to •••••
Prerequisites: --

Profession Asset Skills
Academic Academics, Science
Artist Crafts, Expression
Athlete Athletics, Medicine
Cop Streetwise, Firearms
Criminal Larceny, Streetwise
Detective Empathy, Investigation
Doctor Empathy, Medicine
Engineer Crafts, Science
Hacker Computer, Science
Hit Man Firearms, Stealth
Journalist Expression, Investigation
Laborer Athletics, Crafts
Occultist Investigation, Occult
Politician Politics, Subterfuge
Professional Academics, Persuasion
Religious Leader Academics, Occult
Scientist Investigation, Science
Socialite Politics, Socialize
Stuntman Athletics, Drive
Survivalist Animal Ken, Survival
Soldier Firearms, Survival
Technician Crafts, Investigation
Thug Brawl, Intimidation
Vagrant Streetwise, Survival

Your character has extensive training in a particular profession, which offers distinct advantages in a handful of fields. When choosing this Merit, choose or create a Profession for your character. Mark the two Asset Skills on your character sheet. The advantages of Professional Training relate directly to those Asset Skills.

Networking: At the first level of Professional Training, your character builds connections within her chosen field. Take two dots of Contacts relating to that field.

•• Continuing Education: With the repeated efforts in her field of choice, your character tends toward greater successes. When making a roll with her Asset Skills, she benefits from the 9-again quality.

••• Breadth of Knowledge: Due to her advancement in her field, she's picked up a number of particular bits of information and skill unique to her work. Choose a third Asset Skill and take two Specialties in your character's Asset Skills.

•••• On the Job Training: With the resources at her disposal, your character has access to extensive educational tools and mentorship. Take a Skill dot in an Asset Skill. Whenever you purchase a new Asset Skill dot, take a Beat.

••••• The Routine: With such extensive experience in her field, her Asset Skills have been honed to a fine edge, and she's almost guaranteed at least a marginal success. Before rolling, spend a Willpower point to apply the rote action quality to an Asset Skill. This allows you to reroll all the failed dice on a the first roll.


To the right is a list of the most common professions and their Asset Skills. Feel free to create your own to suit the needs of your characters and stories. Also, you may adapt the Asset Skills as fit. For example, your police officer might be more proficient with Politics and Intimidation than Firearms and Streetwise.

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