Plain Reader

Type: Supernatural
Prerequisites: Mortal

Your character reads the Plain Blog and has been deeply inspired by its preaching. Your character has decided to try to devote her life to radical nonviolence, no matter what harm it might mean to her body. This is about what good it’ll do her soul. Plain Reader gives your character access to all other Plain Merits.

Additionally, with this Merit, acts of violence are always Integrity breaking points for your character. This statement is ambiguous on purpose, as what violence is can vary from abusive words to throwing punches to participating in capitalism depending, on the character’s worldview. By default, assume this means causing direct harm to another person the character is aware is being harmed. The player should volunteer further nuanced readings of violence and fault.

However, win or lose, a Plain character is revitalized by tests of her beliefs. As a result, when she suffers an Integrity breaking point for violence, the character is empowered to try harder, or at least fail harder, in the future. Pass or fail this Integrity test, the character regains one Willpower point. Not every Plain is especially good at the philosophy, but they’re trying. Always trying.

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