Phantom Pain

Type: Supernatural
Prerequisites: Mortal, Plain Reader, I’m Bleeding on You

Facing the reality of human abuse can have devastating effects, especially when it is a Plain you are harming, and she is laying out for you in clear language what you’ve

A Plain with this Merit can inflict phantom damage on an assailant on a point for point basis. The damage is technically lethal, but appears within the narrative as exhaustion or stress. The assailant does not bleed, rupture, or hemorrhage as the Plain does. She just feels like she is. The injuries suffered are psychological, and they fade after the scene. If she takes enough “damage” to suffer a wound penalty, she gains the Beaten Down Tilt (see the Chronicles of Darkness Rulebook, p. 280). If the “damage” would be enough to render her unconscious, she must also resist unconsciousness.

If she falls unconscious, she’ll receive a Condition reflecting mental trauma. A common example is Guilty. If she killed the Plain, she receives a Persistent Condition that tends to be a life-changing event for her.

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